If you were to recommend to someone a magazine to read for investing (other than Better Investing), which magazine would you recommend? Fortune, Barron's, Motley Fool etc.? Tim Hoyman, Colorado Leprechauns
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This message was sent securely using Zix (R) Our Club (MakeALot) is very much interested in investing in ETFs. I understand they trade like a stock and was wondering what you thought about them. We don't want to incur any extra work for our Treasurer ...
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1099 wisconsin
So our club just formed in 2020. We do DRIP on all stocks purchased. We got a notice that we will not be getting a 1099. So now what? Do we still prepare the K-1 for all members. How does this work for tax preparation?
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1099 wisconsin
Take the advice--do NOT drip! We learned the hard way. Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App Original Message From: Barbara C. Effertz-Doherty via To: Sent: February 3, 2021 at 11:04 AM Subject: [club_cafe] 1099 wisconsin So our club just formed in 2020. We ...
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I'm getting ready for the audit. Usually I work with two of our members and have all the paperwork ready for them. Not sure how to do this in the era of Zoom meetings. Any suggestions? Kim Potter BI Brighton
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New York - Tax Return Filing Requirement
My club (formed as an LLC) is domiciled in Colorado, however one of the members is a NY resident. Is the club required to file a NY Partnership Return?
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Changing Email Address
YouA can follow these instructions to change your email address in bivio: Changing Your Email Address If you have any issues when you try and follow them,A send your request to and we can help you work through your specific problems. Laurie Frederiksen Invest ...
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Insurance for treasurer?
I'm going to be a treasurer for my club, responsible for over half a million dollars. Would you recommend the club taking a bonded insurance policy for the treasurer and assistant treasurer? If yes, can you make suggestions on how to go about doing so. ...
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When is FIFO not FIFO
If you own multiple lots of a stock and don't sell all of it at one time, you need to tell the broker which shares to sell.A Usually you do this by specifying a default lot selection method with the broker.A Since lot selection is ...
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Need help dissolving a group
Hello, Cindy Relick here from ChickPicks. I'm the newly elected treasurer and we are looking to dissolve our group. I know we can 1. transfer stock to each member or 2. cash out everything and cut checks to the group My concern is that we ...
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Honolulu, HI club to join
I moved to Hawaii and although I approached NAIC I haven't had much luck with them helping me locate a club. Was in my previous club for 23 years. Have interest in options as well as stocks. Please contact Doug at (808) 395-6462 and/ or ...
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Bivio Subscription Reimbursement - Allocation
Club's first year and I paid for our annual subscription with my personal credit card and I was reimbursed with club units. Because I paid the entire expense, do I allocate this entire expense to me or does it get allocated proportionally? Any help much ...
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Annualized IRR
Hello All, Any help explaining AIRR would be greatly appreciated. We own a stock that has increased significantly in value, but the AIRR shown in Bivio (757.8%) doesn't seem right. I need a straight forward, unobtuseA way of explaining it to my group.A The explanation ...
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Arizona Requirement to File Ptrshp Return Electronically; Waiver Request
This message is directed to members of clubs based in Arizona. Starting this year, the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) requires partnership returns to be filed electronically unless the ADOR director grants a waiver. The waiver request form (number 292) can be found on the ...
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Transferring holdings from one person to another
Hi, we have a situation, we're one of the members passed away and we want to transfer her position to her son. What is the best way to achieve this transfer. I'm looking for the advice of this community and greatly appreciated. Regards, Alessandro
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