audit question
I am preparing for our audit. The stocks are exactly the same in brokerage account as bivio, but the cash balance is off by approximately $1000. Bivio shows more but the brokerage account must be right. Where would I start to look in bivio for ...
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Google Sheets
Does anyone know if we can add a link to a GoogleSheets file in the Files section (so that members of our club can easily accesses the GoogleSheet)?
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Password Change
Hello, my password has been stolen/compromised. I've sent several emails to Bivio for assistance with no reply. The change password link does not work; it does not sent a link to given email so a password can be changed. Please help.
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Schwab vs Bivio statements for Annual Audit Steps
Today our club initiated its audit for 2019 following the guidelines of the Bivio Audit Party Weekend event and Club Audit Forms and Instructions. However, we bogged down in audit steps 3-4 trying to verify income and expense statements from Bivio vs equivalent statements from ...
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Club buy/sell limit setting
Hello. During our investment club meeting today we discussed how to make better trades by predefining buy/sell orders for our stock portfolio.A We meet monthly and this low frequency means we usually dona€(TM)t take advantage of market timing or anticipate opportunities well. I would like ...
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club_cafe: Re: reinviting members
Whatever this conversation is about, it doesn't appear to belong on this mail list that hundreds of people see. Please take it off-line by emailing directly to each other. On January 10, 2020 at 9:03 AM "Paul Welborn,Jr. via" <user*> wrote: Sorry, I have ...
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Adding Checking Account
We opened a checking account with Chase Bank. Can someone explain to me how to bring in the account so it interfaces with Bivio. Charles Schwab has been good to work with but since we are an investment club our local branch will will not ...
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Adding Checking Account
We use Fidelity and we can write checks on our money market account. If you want a separate bank account you must add a second account and enter all transactions manually. It is not difficult, it just takes time to enter. When you enter a ...
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Can I ask you for an assistance? Please let me know. Ruthy Sellers
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Happy Birthday to Us!
It's our 20th birthday! Back in 1998, two Stanford graduates had the idea to develop the first web-delivered investment club accounting application. bivio (from the LatinA bivium , intersection) was born on December 8, 1999. Many thousands of investment clubs have used it since. In ...
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Getting Ready For Tax Season
Hi all, Just a reminder that we will be doing our "Getting Ready for Tax Season" webinar tomorrow night (Dec. 10) at 8PM Eastern Time. There are still a few openings available if you'd like to join us. You can register for it and our ...
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Happy Birthday to Us!
Happy Birthday -- Thanks for all the help you give us. Jo From: "Laurie Frederiksen" To: "The Club Cafe" Cc: Sent: Sunday December 8 2019 4:15:35PM Subject: [club_cafe] Happy Birthday to Us! It's our 20th birthday! Back in 1998, two Stanford graduates had the idea ...
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Subscription renewal for taxes only?
Hello all, After 22 years, our club is disbanding. We've sold all the shares and I will be distributing the money by the end of the year to make a nice clean tax season. My question is, our Bivio subscription is up on 1/21/2020. Do ...
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Schwab / TD Am Merger
Our club uses TD Am which is going to merge with Schwab. Have others been ok with Schwab's services? Thanks in advance
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Death of a Club Member
I know this has been covered in the past. This is the first time in my 18 years of being in a club where we have had a death of a member. I know to pay the amount to "the estate of the member". But ...
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