Virtual club recommendations
Hello. I recently had a member resign because our club meets in daytime during his working hours, which has been the norm for 20 years. I would like to recommend that the member join a virtual club (club meeting at a distance, via skype or ...
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Wabtec / GE stock split
It can take a while for final information to come out when a reorganization happens. This was a taxable transaction.A You received .005371 shares of WAB for each share of GE that you owned. According to information I just got from GE today,A each of ...
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Social Security Numbers
I already have received my consolidated 1099 from TD Ameritrade.A I hope the Bivio tax program will be ready soon. Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: ira smilovitz via Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2020 12:54 PM To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Social Security ...
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Social Security Numbers
Do we need to get the Social Security numbers for all partners to print the K1's or can we print the K1s and then have them add their social security number by hand? This is our first year doing taxes. Thanks Zeta Keystone Investment Partners
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Folio Cash Hold
FYI - To all clubs that use Folio for a broker.A I just talked to them and they now have a 120 hold on any cash that is deposited using electronic bill pay.A It was just increased from 60 days which was bad enough and ...
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Folio Cash Hold
My club auto syncs with TDAmeritrade. I assume after the merger with Schwab, the auto sync will continue. On Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Ty Hughes via < > wrote: Laurie: Which brokers sync with Bivio beside FolioInvesting? Thanks.A Ty H. On Feb 11, ...
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Late Information from Year End Summary
This is somewhat club specific but perhaps other clubs have run into this before and can reassure us We changed brokers at the end of 2019 and there were a few transactions that simply came to us as cash in January 2019. It is only ...
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Wash Sale
In performing a year end cist basis match I found the brokerage listed one buy and sale as a wash sale (due to an error in purchase) The brokerage firm shows this as income and retains the original cost basis for the stock. How do ...
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Guest Speakers at Investment Club Meetings
Have any clubs experimented with having guest speakers come and present/educate at your club meetings? If so, which types of speakers and/or topics have you found to be the most well received?
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Chrome version 80 upgrade
Is there any word yet on how, or if, the new version 80 upgrade of Chrome will affect bivio? Lynn
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Prospective Members
We are having discussions in regards to changing the by laws on how to handle prospective members. Some partners feel we should not pass out the by laws and partnership agreement until they have committed to joining the club. It may be hard for them ...
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Tax Info
Hello, When I click on the "Taxes" tab, the following appears, but I do not see the 6 steps that are mentioned.A Also, from an earlier comment from another club, it seemed that tax forms were already available for the 2019 tax year.A Please advise ...
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Better Investment magazine
Hello, Have quick question for you. Does Bivio subscriber receive a Better Investing magazine for free? Thanks, Michelle
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Auditing Member Accounts
The question was asked about using the member performance detail report to have members confirm their payments for the year.A Ex: A A In the audit instructions,A we recommend you tell them to look at the "Member Contributions and Withdrawals" report to do this. ...
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TDA won't issue 1099
We are a relatively new investment club and have just been informed that TDAmeritrade does not intend to issue a 1099 because we've had no securities activity in 2019. Please advise
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