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"You have been AMAZINGLY helpful and I suspect there are a lot of other Club treasurers out there who say prayers of gratitude for you!"-Sheila M., CA
"I continue to be impressed with how well Bivio works for my club. The customer support is very good. The tax program is awesome - very easy to use. Thanks to all who I know do a lot of hard work to keep Bivio working well for us."-Betty T., WA
"I can't imagine trying to effectively manage an investment club without using Bivio. It is very intuitive, and easy to use for non-accountant and non-technical types. It makes tracking investments and preparing the club's taxes and investors K-1 forms a breeze. Thank you for your great product and service!"-Joe M., KS
"Thank you for all your help and wonderful service over the years. There's no question that bivio is one of the best things that ever happened to investment clubs."-Bev T., WA
"Bivio is great software. To be able to correct historical transactions and have them flow into today's member values and last year's tax returns is fantastic. I'm a CPA so I know good accounting software when I see it!"-Alec P., NC

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Yes, thank you.A The question would be whether MSTR is a a€œdigital asseta€.A And yes, Saylor got into trouble with ...
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