Extensions and amendments
I think the language about extending and amending your return on Bivio is a bit confusing. If you filed for an extension and have not yet filed the return it is easy to change/amend the return because you have not sent it in yet. Once ...
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Taxes/form 7004 of course
Ok, I was really hoping I would get through all this without having to ask any questions, but now I am afraid I messed up my 7004 form. I put in club name, address, id #, etc. On line 5a I put 21 for calendar ...
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In looking back I see that some clubs have filed a CPAR?? Please tell us what that is and whether our small club of 10 members missed something?A Thank you.A On Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 11:38 AM ira smilovitz via <user* > ...
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We have a member that is going to file his taxes without the K1,2 or 3. His total income from dividends is $2.12 Anyone have a response?
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Late filing fine removal
I mailed Club return Certified with returned receipt by noon on Mar 15. Received $2,500 penalty and form in Sept. Called IRS, Agent said she could not look up tracking, refused to check date stamp on envelope. I had to send tracking report and form. ...
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What is wrong with Bivio site
What is wrong with BIVIO site ? Can not get any reports, no 2021 tax
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PLease remove me from your list
Dear Club Cafe, A A A A Please take me off of your email list. Thank you, Karen Turnbull
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CA investment clubs and temporary SOS#s
Prior to recent changes in CA law, state-created pass-through entities (LLCs, LPs, LLPs, corporations, etc.) were required to register with the Secretary of State and received an SOS# which was included on their state tax filings. General partnerships (such as most investment clubs)A were exempt ...
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We are located in NY and just filed for an extension on our club taxes with the IRS. Do we also need to file an extension with our state. ThanksA Anat Benjamin
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If the club files for an extension does that require members to file for one also? Thank you in advance.
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Section 897 Capital Gain
Glen asked: Hello, I have a Section897 Capital Gain for American Tower however do not see a drop down for Income Type in Bivio. Any idea what I should input as? Those of you who have bought REIT's are seeing this as one of the ...
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section 897 capital gain
Hello, I have a Section897 Capital Gain for American Tower however do not see a drop down for Income Type in Bivio. Any idea what I should input as? Thanks Glen Sent from my iPhone On Feb 19, 2022, at 8:53 AM, Lee Weygandt via ...
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Taxable Expenses
I believe within the past few years, Bivio subscriptions were designated as a non-deductible expense. Are transfer fees charged by financial institutions considered a deductible expense? Also, if it is a deductible expense, can this be changed after the end of the year as long ...
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Members' Payment Transaction Totals
Hi All, Is there a way Member's Payment Transaction page to show total amount of payments somewhere in the same page? Thanks, Chuck Kim SoNaMu Investment Club
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Action between meetings
How do clubs handle a members request to buy or sell a stock that they feel should be done before the next meeting.
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