State Tax Filing Questions
For NJ and NY state tax returns - do either of the returns require a copy of either the federal tax return or the other state return (i.e. copy of NJ included with NY return and vice versa) to be filed with it? Thanks, Nick
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April COOL_Club newbie webinar on using the OIC Virtual Trading System
Greetings COOL_Clubbers, We had a very nice open house last night with some great feedback and suggestions for future COOL_club sessions. One of the common themes that came up several times is how much people appreciated having the Options Industry Council's free Virtual Trading System ...
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Stock Screen: Study Candidates
Some study candidates (based on a screen for strong fundamental and technical indicators) including Sea Drill (SDRL), Aerovironment (AVAV), Expeditors (EXPD), several oil & gas field related companies ... Mark Robertson Manifest Investing
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Cisco Systems (CSCO): Watch. Wonder. Wait.
Cisco Systems (CSCO) shareholders and stockwatchers: Mark Robertson Manifest Investing
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IRS revised list of PBA (Principal Business Activity) Codes
I was reading the instructions for the 2012 Form 1065 and noticed under the "What's New" section that the IRS has a revised list of PBA codes. Code 523910, the code printed on our Form 1065, no longer exists. Code 523900 (Other Financial Investment Activities ...
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Anyone using Quicken Home & Business for personal finance?
Hi all, I've been using Quicken to record my investment transactions for awhile now. It's not very intuitive, but I use it for my personal and business finance, as well. I'm looking for some help with entering my sales of call and put options. Does ...
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Schedlue D differs from 1099/8949
Laurie, For SEIIC, our 1099 and 8949 entries differ from the bivio produced Schedule D Part 2 Line 9 by $14, Is this a concern? Thanks, Marty Eckerle
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Cost Basis between 1099-B and Bivio Taxes
I have a few questions related to cost basis. The first is in reference to the section of the 1099-B form that reports Short-term transactions for which basis IS NOT REPORTED to the IRS. The cost basis on the Fidelity form is not the same ...
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Triple Play Screening Results (3/19/2013)
Good morning, investors ... Some screening results: High return forecast with potential for P/E expansion and margin enhancement. Vera Bradley (VRA), Kohl's (KSS), United Health (UNH), Coach (COH) ... Mark Robertson Blog at
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Paper Stock Certificates
Me too to Bob BigRigg's post. Fail. On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:11 AM, Laurie Frederiksen wrote: Do any of you have any of these? Looks like they might become just another nostalgic collectors item soon. End Looming For Paper Certificates Laurie Frederiksen Invest ...
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Paper Stock Certificates
Do any of you have any of these? Looks like they might become just another nostalgic collectors item soon. End Looming For Paper Certificates Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! Follow us on twitter! Follow Us on Google+ ...
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Scottrade Options Account Question
Has anyone used the Scottrade options account along with BIVIO account sync? If not what broker do you use with account sync? Thanks, Ira Haas Yankee Chapter Model Club
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Amended 1099's
It appears we are getting to the point in the year where some of you are receiving amended 1099 forms. Many times these show that an amount previously classified as a dividend is now being classified as a "non-dividend distribution" Usually this is a Return ...
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amended brokerage statements
We use Schwab for our brokerage. They issued an amended statement. How long will it take Bivio to update the 1065, so we can file an original 1065 instead of a 1065 and an amended. We need to have member ownerships correct as we have ...
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This Week's Update Stocks (AVAV,UNH,AET,QSII)
Take off that Dow All-Time High party hat and get back to work. Weekly study stocks: $ AVAV $ UNH $ AET $ QSII Mark Robertson Manifest Investing Blog:
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