keeping club records
Our club is taking on the task of consolidating old binders. From looking through past questions, sounds like we need to keep tax returns forever but can get rid of supporting documents after 7 years, keeping stock buy and sell info for 7 years after ...
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Fidelity & Check writing
Our Investment Club recently had to change brokers to Fidelity. Our Financial Partner is learning that Fidelity doesn't seem to want to let an Investment Club have checks. How do clubs using Fidelity write checks to pay for their expenses like Bivio and Better Investing ...
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Bivio tax question
 My club just had one of the founding members leave the club. He offered, and we considered, transferring stocks to him. In the end it was agreed to have the club sell the stocks in January and we will all pay our share of ...
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Tools to track virtual or mock (shadow) portfolios
Hello. I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum. My club is transitioning from a 'real' investment club to a virtual investment class where each member tracks his/her own virtual portfolio. Starting with an initial investment of $10K each, class members will virtually ...
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Chewy stock
Our club is considering Chewy stock which is a little confusing in the ownership. This article says " common stock and its related subsidiaries, effectively eliminating Chewy as a subsidiary of PetSmart. The leading US retailer acquired the pet e-commerce platform in May 2017. Chewy ...
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Disbanding Club and Payout of Members
I have friends who are in an Investment Club. They decided to disband and told me that they sold all of their stocks (they didn't ask me for input on this) and once they are confident there are no more incoming dividends, they will disburse ...
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GE Reverse Stock Split
It appears that GE's reverse stock split occurred on 8/2. In Bivio accounting, the reverse split resulted in our club now being with credited with ownership of a fractional share. In our brokerage account, however, we do not have a fractional share and GE paid ...
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Updated Job Posting
Hi All, Due to questions and Colorado state requirements,A we've updated the job posting we sent out last week and added some additional information about the job. You can find the updated version here: Are You Looking For a Great Job? (Updated posting) Laurie Frederiksen ...
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Meeting Minutes
Is it common practice or required for the Club Secretary to read the minutes from the previous meeting as part of the Agenda? One club member suggested we just read them individually on line before the meeting and then motion to pass them as read ...
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Are You Looking for a Great Job?
We're Looking For A Special Person Do you really enjoy being an investment club treasurer? Are you interested in using your club treasurer skills to help others? We're looking for one special person to join our support team at bivio. If you (or someone you ...
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Percent of Total
Hi when I ran my last Valuation the "Percent of Total" is no longer there. I do not think I changed anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Glenn
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Attention Clubs Using Schwab as A Broker
If your club is using Charles Schwab as your broker,A you will need to make a change in your AccountSync setup in bivio for it to continue to work. Schwab has asked that we switch to accessing your data throughA a service called Yodlee.A That ...
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Form 843 Request for Abatement
We just received a letter from the IRS with a $2460 penalty for filing late for Tax year 2019. I remember filling in April during the lockdown. And, we were 1 month late. Usually, we have to file by March 15th. I think the penalty ...
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Direct link to Manifest Investing Dashboard
Good morning all, In case you were not aware,A you can pull up your club holdings easily from bivio in a Manifest Investing dashboard. All you need to do is click on the "Manifest Investing" button on the Accounting>Investments page and enter your Manifest Investing ...
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10 Cognitive Biases That Can Lead to Investing Mistakes
Hi all, I came across this article and found it made me stop and consider how these things apply to the investments in my club and personal portfolios. You might find it gives you ideas for discussion in your own clubs.A Thought I'd pass it ...
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