Net Neutrality
If you have any interest in protecting Net Neutrality, the FCC has extended the comment period and now is the time to say something.A You can easily comment here: John Oliver makes an amusing but powerful case for why you might want to consider ...
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Fidelity brokerage application: non-business activity
Trying to open new brokerage account. every brokerage application have variable requirements. Fidelity : business brokerage application. needs to know if this is 'non-business' activity/partnership. If yes, it asks to list beneficial ownership names having more than 25% capital. My club have 3 members with ...
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dividends receive after sale of stock
We have sold a stock after the ex-dividend date and therefore we had automatic posting when the dividend was paid and additional shares were posted. This is what was posted on the transaction history at the brokerage. Apparently the broker posted a reverse of the ...
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dividends receive after sale of stock
Putting your dividend reinvesting on auto pilot can get you into all sorts of complications with your investment club accounting as we describe here: DRIP's and Automatic Dividend Reinvesting We highly recommend you avoid it to help keep your record keeping as simple as possible. ...
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Investment Annotations
I noticed there's an "Info" area on the Investments Page and one can add some notes about the security. Is there anyway to print a report which shows that info? (we'd like to put our target price for the security somewhere where it can be ...
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Taxes On Partial Cash Withdrawal
If a partner makes a cash withdrawal of less than the amount of they've paid into the partnership, then my assumption is that it's a non-taxable return of part of their investment. Is that correct? If however they withdraw more that their investment, then that ...
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Interesting News About DNOW
Many of your investment clubs received DNOW shares as a recent spinoff from National Oilwell Varco (NOV). A A DNOW is a company which is going to be essentially a supermarket of Oil Rig drilling supplies for those that drill for oil. A man named ...
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Any Wisconsin Clubs
Looking around to see where investment clubs are in Wisconsin particularly in the Fox River Valley. Barb
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long standing clubs
Our club of 50 plus members is made up of only residents who live in our senior condo development. We meet monthly in our clubhouse, with weekly research meetings. We average about 21 people at the monthly. Only a handful actually contribute to discussions. Most ...
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Change of valuation date
Hi, expert, please help us. Our problem is that the investment club president changed Valuation date and Net Asset Value from retrospectively from May 2011 to Oct 2013. Our investment club Partnership Agreement (bylaw) states: The current value of the assets and property of the ...
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withdrawal fees/language
How do these withdrawal fees compare to other clubs? "The withdrawing partner will incur all expenses of this liquidation and receive 95% of the proceeds."
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To all New Jersey clubs.Do any of you know the parameters (as far as valuation) before you have to pay the filing fee with your income tax return?
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Long-standing clubs
In response to a few questions. 1. Yes our club has a TIN for all required tax reporting purposes 2. All dividends/interest are distributed according to ownership. 3. Minors can legally join an investment club under certain rules. Minor accounts are set up as custodian ...
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We have over 50 members so the tax returns run a few hundred pages with all the k-1's. Cost to print for paper and ink plus mailing costs for the returns adds to around $100. I suggest a fee of from 5 to 15 dollars ...
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long standing clubs
Hello and congratulations to all of you who have been in longstanding clubs. My question is: How regularly do you meet? and what do you do when no one shows for several meetings in a row? On Friday 20/06/2014 at 11:39 am, Susan Maciolek wrote: ...
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