Corporate Income Tax Rates
There are many accounting items that make sense to accountants but are not as easy to interpret as they appear. One of them is the expense shown on an Income statement for Income Tax. Everyone may have heard that the US Corporate tax rate is ...
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COOL Club Discussing Covered Calls This Week!
Got a stock whose price is way up? Not quite ready to sell, but want to protect your gains? You might consider selling a covered call. Find out more about how to do this in this weeks COOL Club online session. It's free and everyone ...
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Are You Tired of Not Earning Any Interest on Your Investment Club Cash Sweep Accounts?
Wednesday, July 25, 10PM ET Lots of cash in your portfolio? No good stocks at good prices available to buy right now? Are you tired of earning only .01% interest on your cash sweep account? If so, you might find this weeks session of the ...
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Recording Posted-Cash Secured Puts
If you're interested in learning more about cash secured puts, the recording of last weeks COOL Club meeting is now posted. It includes a demonstration of using Cash Secured Puts on Fastenal (FAST). You can find the recording by selecting the Presentations link on the ...
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WAG ESRX Agreement
If any of your investment clubs hold or are considering WAG, you might be interested in this article by Trefis which discusses their recent settlement with ESRX. Express Scripts Deal Could Take Walgreens Past 40 Trefis gives you a simple tool in the article that ...
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Covered Options, A Tool for the Fundamental Investor-Recording Posted
You can find the recording by going to and selecting the "Presentations" link. Enjoy! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! Follow us on twitter! Click here to Subscribe to the Club Cafe email list. Click here to ...
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COOL Schedule! ????
Has the schedule been finalized? I want to post it to the Group; many will be interested I am sure. thanks, Etana On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 12:06 PM, Paul Madison < > wrote: I really appreciate all the nice feedback about ...
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COOL Club Recording Posted!
For all who are interested, the recording of the first COOL Club session is now available for your viewing pleasure. It covers: Topics: About COOL Club, Covered Call Introduction, Example of Covered Call on ALGN. and answers to these: Questions: How do I find out ...
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Dashboard Diagnostics-July 17, 8:30PM ET
Good morning everyone, Mark Robertson will be doing a special Dashboard Diagnostics session tomorrow night. He'll be reviewing the Motley Fool Stock Advisor as a source of stock ideas. They have demonstrated an admirable track record and it should be interesting to hear what their ...
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Challenge Club Meeting-Sunday, July 15 at 8:30PM ET
Join in the fun Sunday evening at the July meeting of the Manifest Investing Challenge Club. We're meeting online at 8:30PM. Things might slack off during the summer but there are often great buying opportunities. Earnings season is just starting so there is lots to ...
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How to enter stock transferred from club into IAM
When my club disbanded last year, shares of stock were transferred to me. How do I enter that into IAM Investor Account Manager Quant IX software? How do I know my cost basis? I have since sold one of the stocks thanks, Etana
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Great idea for practicing Selling Covered Options!
At last night's inaugural Cool_Club webinar there were a number of people who were interested in where they could paper trade Stocks and even more important Options. We have just discovered that the Options Industry Council (OIC) has a Virtual Trading System that is very ...
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Upcoming COOL Club
To wet your appetite for our upcoming COOL Club sessions, here are some questions from one of my Covered Options webinar attendees. I thought I would share the answers with Club Cafe. I currently own 300 shares of GE and would like to write a ...
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Duke Energy
Our Duke Energy stock split 1/3 but I can't find any more information about it. Does anyone know why? Or what the future might hold for the company?
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Does Your Investment Club Own any Chinese Companies?
A Chinese firm which lists its stock on our stock exchanges has to comply with our rules. One of them is a requirement that the company be audited by an auditor registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, or PCAOB. The PCAOB exercises its ...
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