Understanding Taxes
The IRS has a nice website with material for both teachers and students aimed at learning about taxes: Understanding Taxes If you have a young person in your life, it's a good place for them to get the basics of what they need to know ...
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A Partner is making a full withdrawal. I've read and sent most of the pertinent info I've found on the Cafe to the Partners. A few Partners do not believe the info I've copied below and want to see it in an IRS Pub. I've ...
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The SEC has a website focused on providing you, individual investors, with unbiased information about investing. You can find a brief video overview of it here: Welcome to There is a list of the topics they cover here: 10 Ways to Use If ...
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Ticker Research Page Updated With Your Requests
Your investment clubs asked for them so now you'll find research pages for: ABC-AmerisourceBergen BBY-Best Buy GSK-GlaxoSmithKline ZBRA-Zebra Tecnologies have just been added to our new Ticker Research page! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! Follow us on twitter! ...
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Partial Withdrawals
Dear Laurie, For the first time, my club wants to do a partial withdrawal. Can it be done with trasnfer of stock(s) or is it better to use cash only? Our partnership agreement allows stock transfer, but it there any disadvantage to the member receiving ...
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Scottrade Flexible Reinvestment program
Scottrade recently launched the Flexible Dividend Reinvestment program. Our club had a lengthy discussion on the pro's, con's and different strategies we could use with this option. If you are using this feature, what kind of strategy are you utilizing?
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A member has proposed buying 7-Eleven which is only available for purchase on the Japanese stock exchange. Fidelity has some mechanism for buy on foreign exchanges. Questions - any BIVIO implications? Any US Tax considerations? Thx............Jay
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Investing Decisions - Survey Results
Some of you helped Ben Landau from the University of Wisconsin do some research by taking a short survey he put together and shared recently. There were some interesting results from it that he said I could share. For example: Ben is working on fine ...
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TIcker Research - Energy Companies
The link I posted Monday indicated that one of the areas with the largest potential for growth in the US economy was energy. If your investment club owns or is interested in looking into some energy companies, you might be interested in some of the ...
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25 Years and Going Strong!
Some of you may remember earlier this year when we asked for ideas for a club that was celebrating their 25th anniversary. They've let us know how it turned out: Our investment club celebrated our 25th anniversary in June with a limo ride into Philly ...
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Stories and Facts
Barry Ritholz shared a thought provoking article over the weekend: Curse of the Narrative: Everybody Loves a Good Story I thought this quote was especially interesting: He is right: None of those things has come to pass. Even worse, the fear traders have missed a ...
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Investment Survey
I'm an undergraduate student at UW-Madison and have been a Bivio member for three years. My investment group, the Badger Absolute Return Fund, had found a number of difficulties with existing investment software, and many of these difficulties were related to the time it takes ...
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Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI)
It appears that BRLI has a extremely high short ratio of 38%. This means that a lot people are selling this stock short because they believe that the stock price will tank. I don't know if there is something going on with this company to ...
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Investment Clubs In Maryland
This question was just asked to the list, and I thought I would give it its own topic. On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:15 PM, Ghazali Raheem < > wrote: Where would I go to find a listing of local investment clubs in ...
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Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) Ticker Research Page
Right after the Facebook (FB) IPO, we posted this summary of how bivio investment clubs had participated: bivio Retail Investors and Facebook (FB) At that time, approximately 6000 shares were purchased by approximately 3% of your clubs. As of yesterday, approximately 6% of your clubs ...
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