Learning about bivio
Hi All, It's spring and some of you have taken on the role of investment club treasurer for the first time.A Others may have just joined a club or would like a refresher on how your club accounting works. Since it is often easier to ...
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Switching to TD Ameritrade
I have a journal entry from 2/26/2018 labeled as Unidentified credit, Cash Movement of Incoming Account Transfer with the amount of $996.45. I have entered dividends but I don't know how to do this entry or if I need to do something with this entry. ...
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Another best practice on club accounting
Bivio does a great job of reminding us to do an annual audit, something that is absolutely mandatory after all an investment club is a partnership which is a business entity. I personally do not like to just wait for the annual audit as I ...
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Clubs Using Scottrade
As you may be aware, Scottrade accounts are being converted to TDAmeritrade accounts soon.A We have received several questions about what you need to do to handle this in bivio.A A Here is the answer: You will want to track your TDA transactions in a ...
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Tried to Open a Fidelityy Account for GA Model Club
Just spent almost two months trying to transfer the GA Model Club from Folio to Fidelity. I have been a satisfied customer with Fidelity for more than 35 years but have never been treated like this. The lawyers and the 'back office" would not accept ...
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New Partnership Rules
Not sure I understand all of it. My question we have a member whose name on roster is listed with Trust. should that be changed to just her name? Other member of the club do have trusts but I do not know who has what. ...
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Sanofi bought this company but what happens to our stock in it?
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How to make an account inactive on Bivio
I have completed the move to Ameritrade and need to deactivate or close the Scottrade account. It is still showing up on my valuation report. Thanks, Mike Veteto
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Partnership Taxes
Someone please tell me how to do our partnership taxes, we only invest in mutual funds. We didn't sell any in 2017. Do we only report dividends as income? Please Help.
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Investment Club and Mutual Funds
My club only invest in Mutual Funds. We buy $300 a month worth. While setting up the club what do I put for Acquisition Date, Adjusted Cost Basis, and Shares ? Also, when I do takes, do I just look at the gain in mutual ...
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Yes. Janus Mutual Funds sent a 1099.
From: <> on behalf of Peter Dunkelberger via <user*> Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 11:36 PM To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Partnership Taxes Did your broker or the funds send you a year end tax document? Peter Dunkelberger On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 ...
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About Club Cafe
Some of you have been confused lately when you received messages sent to Club Cafe.A A They are the ones with [club_cafe] as the beginning of the subject line. Here is a description of what Club Cafe is and why you are getting the messages: ...
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Adding a new member
We have a new partner in our club. He was given a guest invite a few weeks ago and he has now joined the club. I can not use Add a member to get him in. I get a warning saying " This person already ...
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Verify Fed Taxes has been received
Does anyone know of a way to verify that the Fed taxes I mailed USPS (certified, return receipt) on 2/27/18 has been received by the IRS? Here's the tracking info: The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An ...
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bivio time out
Would it be possible for Bivio to provide an automatic logout after a period of time when no activity is taking place. Maybe after five minutes of inactivity, Bivio would logout automatically as a protective security measure.
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