Over The Counter Stocks
Some stocks are not sold on the regular exchanges. They are are sold "Over the Counter". Pricing information for them can be sketchy to get. They may be very thinly traded. There may be days or weeks between trades. This means their value at any ...
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15 Biases That Make You Do Dumb Things With Your Money
This is a great list from Morgen Housel of the Motley Fool. Does your Investment club have any of them? 15 Biases That Make You Do Dumb Things With Your Money I can see some of these biases when I think about the discussions we ...
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Shutdown... Official IRS Newsletter "Special Edition"
Why punish those who are WORKING? Surely, there is something else that can be cut back!!! I know of too many people who won't work or work "too" much so that they don't get cuts in food stamps or unemployment benefits. Sent from my Verizon ...
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From an Official IRS Newsletter "Special Edition"
Maybe it's just me, but this strikes me as funny. It is real. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! Follow us on twitter! Follow Us on Google+ Click here to Subscribe to the Club Cafe email list. Click ...
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Financial Advisor Considering Joining Club
My personal financial advisor indicated that he was interested in joining our club. He checked with his company's compliance officer and got the information on what he can or cannot do. Are there any rules/regulations that our club need to be aware of if he ...
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An Interesting Puzzle
Here's something you might find interesting. A club had asked me whether Arlington investments (AI) is a REIT and subject to the accounting complications they bring. The club had done its homework and checked the AI investor relations pages. They found this statement there: "The ...
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26 New Ticker Research Pages and More Coming!
We've added lots of new Ticker Research pages based on requests from your investment clubs. From old favorites like Xerox and Union Pacific to new businesses like NetEase and VitaminShoppe. Anyone interested in studying: ACM AECOM Technology Corp AMT American Tower Corp BA Boeing BEN ...
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Bivio not giving us quotes on SONC
Hi, We've had this problem in the past with stocks that we owned a long time ago and have recently re-acquired. When I do a valuation, I'm not getting updated prices for SONC. Please advise. Thank You. David Sacks Old Bay Investors
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Performance Benchmarks
My club use to do quite well with our Performance Benchmarks. For the past year we are doing terrible and it is getting worse. Our stocks are doing good and we are making money so why are our benchmarks tanking? Is it because we have ...
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What should be the valuation date for a full withdrawal?
Our partnership contains the following statement relative to the valuation of a full withdrawal - "In making payments, the value of the partnership as set forth in the valuation statement prepared at the first meeting following the meeting at which written notice is received from ...
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The Mystery of the Missing Cents
It had not been fixed on the August statement. Diane -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Shunmugam Baskar Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2013 10:23 AM To: Subject: Re: The Mystery of the the Missing Cents Hello, Did the TDA fix the issue, ...
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Investor Relations Pages
On our new Ticker Research Pages we put a link to the company investor relations page at the top of the list of links. There is a reason for this. The company website should be a high priority visit if you are considering investing in ...
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Lindsay Corporation (LNN)
Lindsay Corp. has a short float of 21.99%. I have been trying to find out why but have not found out the reason yet. Is there anyone who is following this stock have the answer? Thanks, Terry
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Cash Versus Stock WIthdrawals
I know there are those of you who are interested in more examples of why we recommend you pay withdrawals with appreciated stock rather than cash. I've attached a writeup I did today for a club that had questions about this. You might find it ...
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Daily Portfolio Reminder
We just had an interesting request from an investment club asking if they could have a daily email showing their portfolio holdings. We don't currently have a way to provide that for your club, but it did get me thinking. I thought perhaps some of ...
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