Cash Distributions
What does it mean when a company gives you a cash distribution instead of a dividend.
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Better Investing upgrades
We need to decide whether to renew our Better Investing (BI) membership in Aug. for our club. Better Investing: I'm considering whether recommending to our club on renewing and whether to include any upgrades. In particular the extra cost to use their online stock ...
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Better Investing upgrades
We subscribe to Investor advisory service as well as the small cap Informer. I think its important to decide on an investment strategies that are consistent and can be evaluated in a like manner. It is also important to continue your education and growth in ...
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Better Investing upgrades
What does SS stand for? STOCK SELECTION GUIDE maybe? Linda Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone Original message From: "Roy Chastain via" Date:06/19/2014 12:06 PM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Better Investing upgrades For those who do not ...
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Tax question
I am afraid we got involved in a LTD. Partnership before we knew they were a tax problem. The company is Kohlbert Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR). Before the next tax season I want to get this straightened out. We bought 25 shares on 1-21-14. ...
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Tax Issues Related to the Buyout of Covidien (COV) by Medtronic (MDT)
Many of your investment clubs own either Covidien (COV) or Medtronic (MDT) or both.A Medtronic has announced that they plan to acquire Covidien and then change their place of incorporation to Ireland. The combination is still subject to shareholder approval so the date of the ...
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It's Everyone's Lucky Day!
We have just released a new report that many of you have requested and that you will find useful in making sure the cost basis ofA all your stocks stays updated correctly.A You might also find it useful in making sell decisions when you own ...
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Value of one Unit on Valuation (NAV) Report
How does the cash account balance affect the Value of one unit on the Valuation Report? For instance, if our NAV is worth $15.00 per unit on June 1st and we have $500.00 in our cash account, does a large infusion of contributions on June ...
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Thank you so much for this report. The Greenbills Investment Club is excited about it and appreciates it very much Diane Ellison
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It's Everyone's Lucky Day!
That is sooo awesome. Thank you, Laurie. In a message dated 6/12/2014 8:35:39 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes: We have just released a new report that many of you have requested and that you will find useful in making sure the cost basis of ...
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crime insurance
Our club has an insurance policy to cover any fraud or theft by the officers. It is getting very expensive given the increasing size of our portfolio. Do other clubs carry this kind of insurance and what insurance companies do you use? Linda This email ...
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Skype Video Calling (Was No Quorum discussion)
This is a good idea.A Skype now offers group video calling for free for up to 10 people. As Peg notes, that might give you another option to get together for a discussion if you all can't get together in person. Here's more information about ...
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No quorum
Just wondered what other clubs do when attendance starts to decline and we often end up not having a quorum? We have allowed absentees to send in a report on their stock but that seems to give them license to be absent without guilt. We ...
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general partnership agreement
i apologize for my rant below. i will reframe my previously answered question again, Is there anything legally(SEC/IRS) wrong to have investment club general partnership agreement to reflect unequal profit sharing? or perhaps it may legally correct and morally wrong? example, treasurer may take additional ...
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AAPL post split share price
Am trying to run a valuation for a Monday meeting. Have submitted a stock split but the share price has not adjusted. How do I adjust the stock price or when will the database be updated? Thanks
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