Has Your Investment Club Sold Anything in 2014?
Question: Are you one of the treasurers who wrote to us to help with reconciling your cost basis and your 1099's for your 2013 taxes? Did you tell us your club members were "Anxious to get their K-1's". Opportunity: If so, you have the opportunity ...
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calculating aggregated gross receipts for CA taxes
Is anyone out there living in California? TurboTax requires users to supply the aggregated gross receipts for our partnerships. Aggregated gross receipts is the total of all positive income amounts plus my share of the sales proceeds (not the gains or losses) from stock sales. ...
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Cash Ideas
I would like to hear from other clubs what they do with the cash in their account. We want to get more interest on our money. Our club is going to be talking about setting aside some of our contributions in order to go on ...
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Foreign Currency Fluctuations and Their Impact on Net Income
For those who like to learn new things, here is a fun video made by the Google Chief Accountant. In it she explains the impact of foreign currency fluctuations on Net Income. She also explains how Google hedges to lessen the impact of the foreign ...
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Taxation Mark-to-Market accounting
If club is organized as partnership or LLC or any other format..Do we have to report unrealized gains by mark-to-market accounting? It means unrealized gains as of 31 dec will be reported as gains. and then account value as of 1st jan 2014 will be ...
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IRS Tax Tip 2014-27: Ten Facts about Capital Gains and Losses
Learning about investment tax issues is part of learning about investing. Here's a great overview of some things it's important to understand about capital gains and losses from our friends at the IRS. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! ...
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new club
signed up for a free trial back in 2008 and decided to stay with However things have changed and I would like to try it again. I see my club I signed up 5 years ago is still out there as a shell. Does ...
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active vs passive membership
Thanks for reply to my previous post. Investment clubs are made for active role of all members. But is is practically not possible for every member to participate in every stock purchase decision. some members like to play passive role or limit activity due to ...
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Consolidated Audit button
Be careful when walking through the Tax interview, the Consolidated Audit button is checked again this year. Rich
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Bit Coin and Virtual Currency Tax Issues
Hi Everyone, The IRS just released guidance on taxation of transactions involving BitCoin and other types of virtual currency. Ira and I thought it was interesting. We thought some of you might find it interesting also: IRS Guidance on Taxation of Bitcoin and Virtual Currency ...
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do options get reported to irs by brokers
I thought it was 01/01/2013, but it looks like it was delayed till 01/01/2014? Is this correct? Thanks! Rich
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Member access to k-1s
The programmers need to go back to the drawing board because the whole website is difficult to navigate and definitely not logical nor intuitive. Linda Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Laurie Frederiksen Date:03/24/2014 11:33 ...
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Moving Files
Dear Stu, Thank you for your request. I will pass it along. In the meantime, here's an idea that might simplify things for you. If you store your SSG's for each company initially in their own folder, then it would only take one step to ...
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Profit Allocation percentage splitting
If i form investment club as LLC or LLP and it will be member managed but as I am a genious trader(ha ha!?) is it possible to split profits differently than capital allocation. Example 2 members club. Capital investment will be 50% each. but year ...
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Correction for LOWES Companies (LOW)
The Autumn Chase Women Investment Club sold 69 shares of LOW stock on 02/06/13 and retained 7.778 shares. The shares held and price per unit/share agree in Bivio and Broker as of 2/28/14. The total cost and market value differ. Bivio's total cost is $175.67 ...
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