Scottrade FRIP accounting discrepancy
I use Bivio to automatically download transactions from my club's Scottrade account. Since we enrolled in Scottrade's FRIP (Flexible Reinvestment Program) our cash balance has not matched Scottrade's. The reason is that Scottrade records a debit from our cash balance when it moves dividends into ...
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Dividend entries on Tax Forms
Hello Laurie and others, What about capital gains from a REIT. I know you addressed this already but could you tell me again. The broker shows our REIT is listed as having distributed capital gains though we still own the stock. How do we account ...
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Dividends and Distributions on your 1099
Just a reminder to everyone that making sure all the information in the dividends and distributions section of your 1099 is properly handled on your investment club taxes is as important as reporting your stock sales correctly. Sometimes you even find treasure. I just found ...
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Pertner percentages
According to our member list and our partnership documentation, each of our partners own 5% of the partnership. However, according to the K-1s two of our partners have much lower percentages. How do I get all of the percentages to be 5.0%? Julia Van de ...
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More Fun with "Dividends" - Mutual Fund Distributions
Here's another question we often get asked. Can bivio track mutual funds and ETF's? It's another one where the answer is usually yes but a qualified yes. Why do we qualify our yes? Here's what you can end up having to deal with at tax ...
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IRA member guidance on K1's
Hello, There is 1 member in our club that invested under his IRA. I'm assuming when i fill out the tax questionaire i should select his entity type as "nominee IRA" in the drop down. Thanks in advance for your help, Scott
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revocable living trust as partner
I've set up my personal assets as a revocable living trust, in Michigan. Is there an issue with transferring my club partnership into the trust? Do I have to select Trust rather than Individual when answering the 2013 tax questionnaire?
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TMP and 1099
Thanks in advance... Do we have to put a name in for TMP on Form 1065, Schedule B? Also, is it necessary to mail 1099 from broker to IRS with K-1's and 1065? Thank you! Johnny
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Audit Prep
While compiling the forms for our audit I noticed the bivio gain/loss report does not match the folio gain loss statement in regards to the cost basis. bivio shows a gain and Folio shows a loss. How do we proceed? Thanks for your help... Sue ...
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Non-Covered Securities Are Not Ones You Can Ignore
It seems that many of you don't understand the sections of your 1099 - B where "Non-Covered" Securities are reported. They are sections B (short term) and section E (long term) Non Covered securities were purchased prior to the cost basis reporting laws being implemented. ...
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Collectables (28% rate) tax
Bivio, We own the Permanent Portfolio (PRPFX) and received a capital gain distribution that was classified as a "collectable" (28% tax rate) on the 1099. When reconciling my Bivio records from the 1099 from TD Ameritrade I was able to reconcile every amount except for ...
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REIT's - In Living Color
Some of you ask why we recommend that you not invest in REIT's in your investment club. The answer is, because we want you to have simple accounting and record keeping for your club. Here's what you are up against if you invest in a ...
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Tax copies
I meant to say I DON'T see how this can work ... ----- Original Message ----- From: Jim Thomas To: Sent: Monday, February 17, 2014 9:01 PM Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Re: Tax copies I see how this can work with the free CutePDF Writer ...
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transaction types
Several questions regarding differences in transaction types noted by TD Ameritrade and bivio: Mattel Inc (MAT): broker lists as nondividend distribution and bivo as qualified dividend. Should this be a return of capital? The remaining stocks are listed by the broker as qualified dividend and ...
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2013 Tax Program Released!
The 2013 tax program is now available for you to use to prepare your club taxes. You can get to it if you go to Accounting>Taxes Note that the tax preparation process requires several steps. Make sure you go through all the steps listed on ...
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