About 1099's
Your investment club taxes will need to agree with income information your broker will be reporting to the IRS on 1099 forms. If you want to learn more about what a 1099 is and what you will need to do with the information on it ...
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Member responsibilities
Would appreciate any info from clubs if you have members that are more of an administrative member but does not participate in the stock studies/ investment decisions. How does your club handle this? Do you allow them to pay dues to invest? What voting rights ...
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Checking Cost Basis
Want to avoid surprises when it's time to prepare your investment club taxes? Here's a link to a new help topic which includes a video showing you how to check your cost basis during the year: Checking Cost Basis Anytime you have a sale, you ...
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Planning To Do Some Holiday Shopping This Weekend?
If you're looking for stocking stuffers, uses for your Hanukkah gelt or just some topics for the discussion at your Thanksgiving feast, we've added lots of new companies your investment clubs have requested to our Ticker Research page: Ticker Research It's more fun to shop ...
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Getting Ready for Tax Season - Recording Posted
I hope everyone who was in the way of the severe weather last night has made it through OK. If you were not able to attend our webinar about Getting Ready for Investment Club Tax Season, you can find the presentation and the recording posted ...
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Recording past stock dividend
In February 2012, Southern Copper Corp (SCCO) paid a stock dividend of 0.16050. This was never recorded in Bivio, and discovered when we sold the originally purchased shares, leaving a balance of 0.16050 shares. How do I record it now in order to balance/close out ...
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Preparing For Tax Season - What You Should Do Now To Get Ready
Want to avoid any tax season surprises? Take a little bit of time this Sunday evening to think about your investment club taxes so you won't have any surprises when it's time to do them for 2013. Join us for an hour on November 17, ...
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I know in the past that we had been warned against purchasing REITs in investment club portfolios. Is that still the case? Does it cause a problem at tax time? Thank you. Linda
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Burning The House Down
How is your investment club reacting to the rise in the market this year? Do you think it's peaking and doom is around the corner? Are you staying invested or moving to cash? Morgen Hausel from the Motley Fool has some interesting thoughts on reacting ...
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Forbes 100 Small Cap Stocks - Webinar Recording Available
For those of you who missed the webinar on the 2013 Forbes 100 Best Small Cap Stocks, the recording is now available for you to view: Forbes Best Small Companies - 2013 If you like it and want to have Manifest Investing provide more, make ...
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Bivio closing prices
Recently, as club treasurer I have been finding financial discrepancies between our monthly statement from TD Ameritrade and the end-of-month Valuation report I generate from Bivio. The amounts are small, but they differ. As club treasurer I need to balance the books, and hunting down ...
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IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2013-10: How to Get a Transcript or Copy of a Prior Year Tax Return
We would recommend that you keep a paper or PDF copy of the actual tax returns you file for your club each year. If you never change any data in bivio, you would always be able to re-generate them. However, we run into situations where ...
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Looking for club in the Kansas City area
Hi all, I've got an e-pal looking for a club in the Kansas City area. I realize that's a big area, but I was hoping someone here would be watching. Let me know, Thanks, Lynn Ostrem
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Transfer stock into club fund
Hi, I am with a group of 60 friends that all currently hold positions in different stocks and would like to continue to hold these positions and not sell. Can we transfer these stocks into the club fund, or would we need to sell all ...
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