Does Your Club Own Celgene?
If your club owns CELG,A you may be aware that they are being bought by Bristol Meyers. There are a couple of issues related to this transaction that you should be aware of as they will affect your club accounting. This will be a taxable ...
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Quest for Positive Returns
How do I get our club's Quest for Positive Returns updated? I've e-mailed support several times and have not gotten a response. Thanks, Kathy Hazlewood
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DowDupont Split to Dupont de Nemours Inc(DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA) transaction
a)A I do not yet understand the question. b)A When one talks of "correcting" an imported transaction, one must be careful to reflect accurately the tax nature of the transaction.A If the "correction" does not reflect what TD Ameritrade will show on its 1099, then ...
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DowDupont Split to Dupont de Nemours Inc(DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA) transaction
Is there anyone club out there that owned DowDupont and has been able to figure out how to correct the imported transactions for TDAmeritrade. Our club had 30 shares of DowDupont and when it split into Dupont De Nemours Inc (DD) and Corteva Inc (CTVA). ...
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New IRS Audit Procedures - Our Recommendations
It's time to make a change. Our goal at bivio is to make sure your club operations can be as simple as possible so you can have an investment club and learn about investing in a real life a€œlaba€ and not get bogged down by ...
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Partnership agreement
I am looking for the information or email where the recommended wording for amending the partnership agreement to either opt out of the irs audits or what ever my club decides to do tomorrow. I am not finding what i need. colleen goings
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withdrawal because of death of a member
The member's family decided to open an account with our broker. The broker has transferred the stocks. where and how do I record this in Bivio?
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Club Ownership
Can a partner retitle his/her ownership in the club to his/her trust? Have any clubs encountered this question or has anyone done this in the past?
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Check writing privileges at TD Ameritrade
A Our current local merchant bank is going to start charging a fee to maintain a checking account there.A I was wondering if TD Ameritrade can be setup to require 2 signatures for each check or is only 1 signature needed?A I already pose the ...
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Foreign Companies Traded on US Exchanges
Do any clubs have experience buying foreign company stock traded on the NYSE? Our relatively new club is interested at looking at Alibaba, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and some Canadian cannabis companies. However, Bivio has cautioned that foreign companies can create accounting problems when they ...
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Adding and removing members
Laurie, Under the bivio Partnership Adding Members Considerations it says: Your partnership agreement is an agreement between the people listed on the signature page to conduct the business of the group in a specific manner. If this list changes, legally, the partnership is dissolved and ...
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How long to keep records
What is the recommendation for how long we should be saving IRS tax returns, audits, statements, etc. for our club's partnership? I was told seven years as a rule of thumb by our bank.
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Filing a Club Partnership Return in New Jersey
Has anyone had any success in electronically filing a New Jersey partnership return for their investment club? I followed the instructions in the Bivio guide, but the NJ website tells me I am not registered to file. I am very reluctant to register our investment ...
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Original Message From: Laurie Frederiksen To: The Club Cafe Sent: March 18, 2019 at 7:02 PM Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Computershare It amazes me that people still feel they should be doing automatic DRIP investing. I can tell you that probably 95% or more of the ...
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Do any of you have stock with Computershare. Every time I want to do anything they require a Silver Medallion. I have eight stocks with them; however, the previous person did not add the words "A Partnership" when she purchased three stocks. So I can ...
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