Non-Resident NY Return Required
Our investment club formed in June 2020 and this is the second year to file taxes. This year the system generated a state of NY form for the partnership and individuals (didn't last year for 2020) as we do have one member who resides there. ...
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Certified mail for federal return
Does an electronic return receipt satisfy as proof for timely mailing of the return? Or is the paper return receipt the only one allowed? Thanks. Carolyn Sturgis Sent from my iPhone
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The K1's for our members only has a K1 and a K3. Shouldn't there be a K2? The 1065 has K2 forms included but not the individual K1's. Thanks for the help! Cheryl Sent from my iPad
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Addition to Bivio report
Hello Does the brokerage report have to be downloaded separately from brokerage company and then printed and added to the report Bivio generates that you send to the IRS? Or is the Bivio generated report all that is required? If so, and was not printed ...
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How to download PDF of K-1 for members who can't do it themselves?
I have two or three members whom I will need to get the PDF to them of their K-1. Is there an efficient way to do this? I will probably take the entire PDF of the 1065 to Office Depot and have them print a ...
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As long as the P&L matchesA Short Term or Long Term.A I believe it should be OK between 1065 and 1099 Alessandro On Sat, Mar 5, 2022 at 6:13 PM Debra Germany via <user* > wrote: Newer club.A Last year 1st year matched ...
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How can we send a message to the Congress members who matter
So what specific legislation led to this morass? I speed-read the AICPA letter, but don't see that it cites the specific legislation, much less the nitwits who proposed and passed it. Those are the people I want to write to. Does it make sense to ...
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Tax K1 has 10 pages for each member!
Giving 300 pages for federal return of which I need 4 copies. With state returns I must print and mail 1450 pages, re-do my addressed envelopes because not big enough. Seems unnecessary for $7 of foreign tax credit per member. Never had more than 1 ...
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Newer club. Last year 1st year matched with no problem. This year TDAmeritrade 1099 doesn't show 4 purchases and shows a DIV amount that isn't coming up in Bivio. Bivio is also recording a higher value than TDA overall. Any suggestions on correcting this? Where ...
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Does anybody have an answer for one of our partners who is trying to do her taxes? Forwarded message From: Valarie <> Date: Sat, Mar 5, 2022 at 10:27 AM Subject: Fw: K-1/K-3 To: John <> Hello again! I seemed to have fixed the box ...
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Printing K-1
Natalie, I discovered that when I clicked on the K1 it was downloaded to my Download Folder. I clicked multiple times before I discovered that was happening in the background.
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How To Edit for Qualified/Non-Qualified Dividend
Doing 1099 Review as I start taxes and I have two holdings where my broker statement shows dividends originally recorded as qualified now have a portion that is ordinary/non-qualified. How do I edit the record? When I go in to edit, I do not see ...
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Schedules K-2 and K-3
I just saw the following posted on the Better Investing Treasurer's discussion list. Is this true? The IRS published new draft instructions for schedule K-2 dated 1/31/2022 on their draft forms web page. The new instructions will require ALL clubs to include a schedule K-2 ...
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Is there a phone number to contact bivio?
First year with you bivio.. Can bivio be contacted by phone at all? I thought phone contact was includedA in my subscription but obviously not since I can't find any phone # for bivio? Anyone? Regards , Serge Louis SMHIC's P resident A Email : ...
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Finished Our Partnership Returns Today!
We were able to finish both our federal and New Jersey tax returns today! We filed our NJ return electronically. NJ uses a Java based web application. The "IE Tab" extension for the Microsoft Edge browser is required to get it to work. After you ...
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