Ohio Taxes
This is our first year as a club. We have members in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Bivio generated the Pennsylvania tax forms just fine. I understand Ohio is not included in the software. So, do we need to fill out a form for Ohio also? Or ...
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Thank You!
Laurie, Ira and the bivio team, At the risk of adding one more to the many hundreds of emails we have all received this past month, I wanted to thank you very much for helping us with the IRS updates this tax season. Bivio is ...
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Interesting.A Perhaps there is confusionA with the ticker symbol or the name of the company.A WhenA I enter MNDO at Edgar, everything says Israel. Peter Dunkelberger On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 3:32 PM Carolyn Sturgis via <user* > wrote: Mind (MNDO is ...
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How long is it taking for response from bivio support?
Just wondering how long it's taking for people to get a response to their questions to bivio support? I'm sure this year especially they're inundated. Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Investment Club
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LTG STG error
I have gone over this several times and can't determine the error. Dividends match up on all stocks. Sales match up on all stocks with correct dates. However the STG according to Bivio for the stock CHD is overstated about $6.00 and the LTG is ...
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form k-2
Did I miss something?A Our club's return has K-1s, K-2s & K-3s.A But the individual partners only seem to have a K-1 and a K-3.A No K-2 for the individuals.A Is that correct?A Is it correct that individual partners do not get a K-2? Peter ...
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Amended 1099 for Air lease
I thought I saw a message this morning about amended dividends for Airlease, where they were reclassified. I checked my 1099 at TDAmeritrade, and nothing has changed there yet, and I can't find the message from this morning. Wondering if I misread, or dreamed this. ...
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No page 7 on K-3 form?
Is there a good explanation why the K-3 form jumps from page 6 to page 8?
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Can someone post or the link/form for filing an extension. Our brokerage firm just amended our 1099. Our taxes were just mailed off Sent from my iPhone On Mar 8, 2022, at 9:49 AM, ira smilovitz via <user*> wrote:  Schedules K-2 and K-3 ...
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nondividend distribution vs nonqualified dividend vs qualified dividend
Hello, There are only 2 fields to enter dividend info. There are 3 different categories on my 1099 so which of the 2 should be combined or should one be ignored? Please help.
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Non-Resident NY Return Required
Our investment club formed in June 2020 and this is the second year to file taxes. This year the system generated a state of NY form for the partnership and individuals (didn't last year for 2020) as we do have one member who resides there. ...
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Certified mail for federal return
Does an electronic return receipt satisfy as proof for timely mailing of the return? Or is the paper return receipt the only one allowed? Thanks. Carolyn Sturgis Sent from my iPhone
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The K1's for our members only has a K1 and a K3. Shouldn't there be a K2? The 1065 has K2 forms included but not the individual K1's. Thanks for the help! Cheryl Sent from my iPad
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Addition to Bivio report
Hello Does the brokerage report have to be downloaded separately from brokerage company and then printed and added to the report Bivio generates that you send to the IRS? Or is the Bivio generated report all that is required? If so, and was not printed ...
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How to download PDF of K-1 for members who can't do it themselves?
I have two or three members whom I will need to get the PDF to them of their K-1. Is there an efficient way to do this? I will probably take the entire PDF of the 1065 to Office Depot and have them print a ...
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