Are You Measuring How Your Club Is Doing On a Regular Basis?
I just gave a fourth green smiley and another $30 in bivio bucks to a bivio club that has beat the market return for the past year by 15.6%.A A That is amazing. It means out of 51 different 1 year periods, they have beat ...
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Stay Away from MLP's In Your Investment Clubs
I believe you are mistaken about mutual funds. They have a different tax structure but are double taxed. Sent from Samsung tablet -------- Original message -------- From: Mark <> Date: 04/17/2014 4:39 PM (GMT-08:00) To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Stay Away from MLP's In Your ...
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Stay Away from MLP's In Your Investment Clubs
I'm sorry but I do not understand how an organization that is supposed to be supporting investment clubs and educating individual investors would be putting on a conference like this: We have had club after club this year have tax and accounting issues because ...
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Sharing The Treasurers Job
Now that your investment club taxes have been put to bed, it's a great time to think about changing your club treasurer or adding an assistant club treasurer. Being club treasurer does not have to be hard or time consuming.A Your club will be stronger ...
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Missing partne
The member moved or died and cannot be contacted. It has nothing to do with Bivio. Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S(R)4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: Laurie Frederiksen Date:04/16/2014 3:18 PM (GMT-05:00) To: The Club Cafe Subject: Re: [club_cafe] ...
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Missing partne
One of club's partners has disappeared. all mail and contacts for partner in thin air. What do I do now Noah
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Partnership stocks
Hey everyone... Remember last month's warning about not buying stock in partnerships? A I checked the list against our holdings and wouldn't you know it, we have stock in one of those companies! A Yikes! A So, now the question is, what is the best ...
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Partnership Agreement "Death or Incapacity of a Partner"
How would "Incapacity of a Partner" actually work when invoked? One of our members questioned how that situation would apply and play out. Does anyone have any insight? Questions we had.. 1) who determines? it may be difficult for partnership to determine that state and ...
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Thanks To All Of Our Club Treasurers!
As we reach the end of tax season madness, we can all give thanks that we don't have Homer Simpson as our Investment Club treasurer. Homer Simpson and Taxes Enjoy! Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us ...
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We're In The Home Stretch Now!
We've made it to April 15!A Hopefully, all of you have your investment club taxes put to bed.A You've sent a copy in to Uncle Sam and you've given each of your members their K-1's. Thank you Uncle Sam for the special opportunity you've provided ...
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Double entry
Took the interview for tax data and noticed I have a double entry error. How can I edit. Expense was put in twice by mistake.
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AccountSync & Fidelity Investment Accounts -Part Ii
I agree with everything you've said. Which is why I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen at Fidelity. Our club has a separate EIN which was provided to Fidelity when opening the account. Howver, because I'm an authorized owner/person on both accounts ...
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Heartbleed bug
Check your email and broker sites to see if they pass the tests after you read this: Bivio passed with an A- Rich
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Avoiding Tax Surprises - 9 Steps to Take Now
Some of you have had some surprises this tax season. The new cost basis reporting law has meant you've received information about extra tax matters you needed to handle to prepare your taxes. If you were unaware of them until you got your 1099's, it ...
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AccountSync & Fidelity Investment Accounts
I recently setup a Fidelity account to use with my Bivio account. Particularly, those clubs where multiple Fidelity accounts are involved including some personal accounts which are owned by an individual authorized to transact on behalf of the club. I'm curious how you handled the ...
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