Housing related stocks
I'm wondering what the Bivio crew is thinking about the housing industry. Inflation is rising which means housing financing and materials are going up in price. This will likely lower demand. On the other hand, there still seems to be quite a backlog.
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Fedelity Bond Coverage
Our model club recently received an email from Clifford Trent, Director of Operations with BetterInvesting. The subject was Fidelity Bond Coverage. Fidelity Bond Insurance covers theft of club funds by a BetterInvesting dues-paying club member in the BetterInvesting dues-paying club. Both the club and the ...
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Club mentoring
Have any chapters developed a club mentoring as apposed to club visit program? Are you willing to share the procedures? Virginia Cooper Golden West Chapter of BetterInvesting
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VMWare Special Dividend
Those of you who held VMW on October 29, just received a nice fat juicy $27.40/share "Dividend" on November 1. Unfortunately, according to preliminary information released by the company,A they do not expect to have enough "earnings and profits" to cover the amount distributed so ...
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Best Small Companies (2022): SELECTION SHOW
For the past couple of decades, our investing community has explored evolving, faster-growing companies during the Halloween season. This was originally based on Forbes 100 Best Small Companies -- a feature they discontinued (7) years ago. Ken Kavula and I decided to continue the effort ...
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Change in Treasurer
Hello, Our investment club has recently elected a new Treasurer .A Do we need to inform the IRS by filling out form 8822-B ? Would appreciate your guidance on this. Thanks Roma Mayur
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Update on TDAmeritrade/Schwab Changes
Hi All, I decided to see if there was any further information on when TDAmeritrade accounts would be changing to Schwab accounts.A I found these FAQ's on the Schwab website: FAQ's From what I can see there,A it appears you may not see any changes ...
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ETF Help
Does bivio Support still offer help to member clubs sasking for advice on an ETF for a possible investment? I wrote a while back and haven't heard! Thanks so much!
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Educational Activity for Your Clubs
Looking for an educational activity for your club meetings? The SEC has some fun little quizzes about finance and investing that you mightA find interesting to work through together.A You can find them here: SEC Investing Quizzes Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become ...
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IRS Issues
Are other groups experiencing issues with the IRS? On Tax year 2020 we filled the 1065 on March 11 (Postmark)A They, apparently, received the mail (Receipt stamped March 30th) They assessed our club with a steep penalty.A Of course we will contest the penalty via ...
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IRS Issues
Speaking as a Dept of Treasury employee I can tell you that the IRS is composed of real people who want to solve issues. The dramatic Congressional budget cuts over the past 20 years have ravaged the customer service ranks and long waits such as ...
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Member advance payments
I have gotten conflicting advice on how to handle member payments made in advance.A So I'm asking for your thoughts.A A Our Operating Agreement states: "Members must invest a minimum of $25.00 per month to their capital account, payable at each regularly scheduled meeting.A Members ...
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Fees on Withdrawal Payouts
Hi all, We had a club ask us to give them of an example of how a "Fee" (penalty) charged on a withdrawal affected the withdrawal payout and the accounts of the other members in the club.A A We put together this simple example to ...
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Bye Bye Toolkit, its like losing an old friend
In today's Chapter Advance Change in ICLUBcentral's Products for Sale Per the organization's long-term strategic plan, sales of ICLUBcentral's Toolkit 6 to new users will be discontinued on September 30th, but the software continues to be supported with access to the automatic data feed from ...
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Other investment clubs in Nebraska
I would like to know if there is a Chapter Directory of Better Investing clubs in our area. We'd like to meet and perhaps have joint meetings with other like minded investors. I am especially interested in clubs in the eastern part of Nebraska; Omaha, ...
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