voided check
we wrote a check for a scholarship last fall and the recipient decided not to go to college. the check has been returned . how would you enter it? It's not income. what is a voided check? I'm tempted to go back and delete the ...
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The Fiscal Cliff
Here's a short and simple video describing the fiscal cliff done by the Kahn Academy. They are masters at presenting math concepts in ways that are simple and easy to understand. The video gives you an interesting graphical way to put the monetary amounts being ...
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Weekly Update (12/7/2012) Value Line Forecasts
Many of you use the Value Line Investment Survey for research. So do we at Manifest Investing. So do other successful investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Walter Schloss. (More on Walter soon) As we update 1/13th of the 1700 stocks each week following ...
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January Effect: Best Small Companies
During our sessions today that included The Challenge Club, we briefly discussed and underscored watching for opportunities for small faster-growing companies in a form of the January Effect. And it serves as a reminder that perusing the Forbes Best Small Company list that comes out ...
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Challenge Club
Good Morning, The registration link in your email didn't work. Diane
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Challenge Club Meeting Saturday, Dec 1
Start your weekend with a special Saturday morning session of the Manifest Investing Challenge club on Saturday December 1 at 11AM ET. Investing ideas will be shared freely. Who knows? For all you early shoppers, you might get some holiday gift giving ideas too! You ...
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Changing Stock Brokers
We are planning on changing our stock broker after start of new year (2013). We will ask our current broker to transfer all shares to the new broker. For cash, we will write a check drawn on the old account and deposit into the new ...
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COOL Club Meeting Tonight! Covered Options and Taxes
Just a reminder that tonight at the COOL Club meeting, we'll be discussing the tax issues associated with trading covered options. They're pretty simple if you stick to certain types of transactions, but can get complicated quickly if you stray. We'll share some simple rules ...
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Disbanding a club question
When I asked to step down as treasurer, no member raised their hand and said "Yippee, I'll do it." So we voted to disband. Everything was sold 11/2/2012. We didn't follow the bylaws exactly but previous withdrawals have been done on a month end price. ...
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Need a name for a new club?
Hi all, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I was perusing cookbooks in search of some new recipes for my holiday parties, when I came across one called W.I.N.O.S., (Women in Need of Sanity); Cooking with Wine. I thought it would be a great name ...
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Anyone Interested In Sharing Your Club Experience?
Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great holiday and are stuffed with good food and thankful thoughts. I've been contacted by a newspaper reporter from a major newspaper who is doing an article on retail investors and the stock market . He is wondering whether ...
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What Will WIndows 8 Mean To Microsoft (MSFT) Stock?
Have any of you had any experience with Windows 8 yet? I am in a club that holds Microsoft stock and the mantra at our last few meetings has been "Wait until Windows 8 comes out. Microsoft should do better". In light of that, I ...
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Investment club withdrawals
We don't have any withdrawal provisions. It would have to be voted in by the group. ------Original Message------ From: Leslie Braun Sender: To: ReplyTo: Subject: [club_cafe] Investment club withdrawals Sent: Nov 5, 2012 2:57 PM Our bylaws stipulate that members can withdraw ...
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Investment club withdrawals
Our bylaws stipulate that members can withdraw from the club by notifying the membership one week before the regularly scheduled March meeting or September meeting. The bylaws go on explain the entire process. We would like to know how other clubs handle withdrawals. Can members ...
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Positive News and Positive Actions
Are you tired of endless mudslinging? Would you like to think about something positive and constructive? Apparently a lot of you would answer this with a yes. We continue to get Likes on a Facebook post we made on Labor Day: Happy Labor Day! In ...
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