Partial withdrawal for long-term member
Marylyn, please see the following link: Original Message From: <> On Behalf Of Marilyn Haldiman via Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2022 3:52 PM To: Subject: [club_cafe] Partial withdrawal for long-term member I have been a member of our investment club since ...
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Partial withdrawal for long-term member
I have been a member of our investment club since its formation in 1991 and, due to some withdrawals, I have been unable to contribute because my percentage of ownership is significantly over 25% (as stated by our Partnership agreement). I'm not interested in a ...
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Getting Ready for Tax Season Webinar
Just a reminder that we will be holding our annual "Getting Ready for Tax Season" webinar next Wednesday, December 8 at 8PM Eastern Time. Sign up now to join us: Getting Ready for Tax Season Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook ...
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wash sales
Our club auditors just discovered that we incurred wash sales earlier this year. 1) is there a way for us to enter this into Bivio at the time it occurred? 2) does Bivio support still have to make the corrections for us? regards, Bob
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Problem EMail with Subject "Gift Order"
Yes.A We are aware that this is a problem and the person who sent it has already been removed from the Club Cafe list. DO NOT respond to or forward that email. That only spreads the problem around more. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! ...
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Schwab report as of 1-31-22
Assuming I will not be able to attend todays zoom meeting, here are the Schwab numbers: 1. Total reduction in account value - 11,942.19 for ending value of 206,403.19 2. Total cash - 1,031.11 as of 1-31-22 3. Sold Cummins - 8,710/39 4. Bought Lockheed ...
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Fidelity Realized Gain/Loss report
Can anyone tell me where to find this? Am I blind - or are they hiding it in a special place? Thanks Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Club
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Laurie, On 11/23 We sold Exact Science and the cost basis is not on the Transaction Ledger as well as the gain. This also says it was sold short which is not correct. Stephanie Kissel Dividend Divas
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Member withdrawal
We have a member withdrawing a large amount as a full withdrawal. Some members have expressed an interest in buying some of her shares at the unit value and using that cash as part of her payout. I have no idea whether this would be ...
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How to make cost basis adjustment
Where can I find instructions on how to change a (sold) security's cost basis? We got caught in that Folio - Interactive Brokers to new broker mess early in 2021. We have a minor (less than $2 cost basis error) to fix.
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Merck (MRK) Spin Off of Organon (ORG) in June 2021
Fellow Treasurers, My club owned MRK when they spun off ORG. After the spin off we had 7 shares of OGN. We sold our 7 shares at our June meeting. Now in getting things set for our 2021 Audit the figures between what Bivio has ...
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Merger Edits
We followed BIVIO instructions for entering merger between GWPH and JAZZ in May 2021. BIVIO calculated the sale of our 5 GWPH shares @ $890 however the actual price in the transaction was $200/share or $1000, plus a fractional share of the new JAZZ valued ...
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Headquarters of companies
I have a question about 2 of our stocks, Charlottes Web and BioNTech. On our TDAmeritrade portfolio it has Canada beside the name of Charlottes Web, but if you look at their website it says they are a Colorado company. On BioNTech, is it a ...
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Review withdrawal stock transfers very carefully
We just discovered a problem with a withdrawal stock transfer. Even though we specified in writing which block of shares to transfer, TD Ameritrade chose to transfer shares from the oldest block. This was back in 2020. When we tried to transfer shares from that ...
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Question: Member requested withdrawal on Aug 6, 2021, and Club membership proposed partial withdrawal, Aug 31, 2021. Member accepted partial withdrawal on Sep 1, 2021. Partial withdrawal check dated Sep 4, 2021 and member cashed check Sep 7, 2021. Partial withdrawal effective date and valuation ...
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