Investing in Foreign Registered Stocks
Our club is considering investment in NEXCF (Nextech AR Solutions Corp) which is registered in Canada and is not listed on US Exchanges (OTC only). Over the years I have heard clubs and Bivio representatives caution about investing in OTC foreign registered stocks due to ...
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When should a withdrawing member be removed from bivo access/email
We have members make a full withdraw from our Investment club and I was wondering at what time do we remove them from Bivio email and access to our Bivio account. Or is there a way they they will only have access to retrieve their ...
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Folio and 1099s
Since those that have left Folio for another broker, we are not able to access their site. Will they mail 1099's? Marty Eckerle
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Governor Newsome's Tax
Ita€(TM)s a California tax On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 11:50 AM Charles L Tatum, II via <user* > wrote: I was unaware of that.A Is there no provision for investment clubs.A We are not a business.A Other than capital gains taxes ...
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The Fun Never Stops in 2020 - Attn Folio Clubs
I appreciate you all for passing on all of your "legwork". Super helpful info Anyone use eTrade? Sent from my iPhone On Dec 7, 2020, at 12:49 PM, wrote:  Ok more info Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: "Daniel Williams via ...
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Quest For Positive Relative Returns
Do other clubs still utilize the Quest For Positive Relative Returns? Does bivio still offer this service? If so, how does a club go about having their records updated? Regards, Rick J. Nosky, Treasurer, Tactical Gains Investment Fund
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Pfizer - Viatris. Inc transaction
I have read the documents telling us that it is a tax-free spinoff, visited three corporate websites and visited a few other places, but I could not find information telling me how to book the transaction. Has your resident expert arrived at a methodology?
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This message was sent securely using Zix (R) The other day you mentioned ETFs and how they may differ in their tax consequences. Not wanting to put any un do burden on our Treasurer at tax time, is there a way that we can find ...
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Has my emails reached bivio support?
Laurie; I have sent two emails earlier this week to bivio support. Neither have been acknowledged. My previous experience with bivio support has been excellent so I am concerned that my emails are not reaching bivio support. I have checked my own email system, including ...
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Suspense Accounts
Hello Club Cafe, The members of my club make an administrative payment each year which is then used to pay club expenses.A I wanted to reflect the member payments in a suspense account. I went to Accounting Accounts Create and created an account "Admin Payments ...
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deceased member
Our club is made up of 7 couples although a couple is actually 2 members for accounting purposes. One of our members is on hospice. I am wondering if when the time comes if we can just transfer his portion - about $26000 - to ...
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Stock Payouts for Clubs Using Folio
We have had several questions from clubs using Folio about how to accomplish stock payouts for withdrawals. Apparently since Folio has been purchased,A they are not allowing the withdrawing members to open new accounts to receive the shares. Here are some ideas you might try: ...
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Is it appropriate for clubs to invest in ETFs, or are there reasons not to do so? Our club is considering a solar power ETF. Dawn McCaghy Mt. Ararat Investment Club
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On deleting unwanted files/folder
My experience with deleting files or folders is that it places the file or folder in archived folder and can be deleted later or restored if wanted. Is there an option to delete permanently and not go into archive? Also I noticed that if you ...
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Virtual Meetings
Is your club meeting online theseA days? A friend made this fun-to-watch video thatA you might enjoy.A It has a lot of good, inexpensive tips for improving your online presence. Improving Your Virtual Setup - Affordably Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our ...
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