Collectables (28% rate) tax
Bivio, We own the Permanent Portfolio (PRPFX) and received a capital gain distribution that was classified as a "collectable" (28% tax rate) on the 1099. When reconciling my Bivio records from the 1099 from TD Ameritrade I was able to reconcile every amount except for ...
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ACH Transactions Going Forward Recommended
I just completed an analysis of partner bank debit date and E*Trade deposit date. Given that I think the findings significant, I thought I would share. This analysis was in response to a partner's request that I contact E*Trade to determine why the lag in ...
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Calculating Realized Gain for partner withdrawing an amount greater than tax basis
One of our partners would like to make a withdrawal that is greater than his tax basis. How is the realized capital gain determined on the amount that is withdrawn after the tax basis is depleted? Thanks, sb
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Change Partner to partners Trust
Are there any provisions in your partnership agreement or by-laws to allow a trust as a partner? Also, if your club opted out of the new IRS partnership audit rules, you may run afoul of those rules. Perhaps, Laurie @ BIVIO has more info or ...
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Selling stock but have one club member not participate?
Our club is considering selling some of our stock holdings to capture the huge gains we have experienced. One member has a large AGI already for this year and having more capital gains would increase his AGI. While the capital gains would be taxed at ...
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valuation date for member withdrawals
Along these lines I have a question:A Our partnership agreement states that the valuation date for all withdrawals is the statement date that is subsequent to the event causing the withdrawal, be it death or voluntary withdrawal.A As most statement dates are end of month, ...
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Change email preferences?
Hey all, I'm sorry to bother you with this but I'm not seeing where to unsubscribe. Can you help?
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Change Partner to partners Trust
One of my elderly members just ask me how to change his name in the partnership to his Trust. Does anyone see any problems? Larry Reno President Georgia Chapter of BetterInvesting
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Strong Passwords
Hi All, The spam message that came through this morning probably came from the email account from a member of the list whose email account had been hacked. It is a good opportunity to remind you of the importance of using strong passwords on all ...
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Folio Investing to be Acquired by Goldman Sachs
Here is some interesting information about Folio Investing. i attached a copy of the announcement from Folio's website. Of course the question is what does it mean to Clubs that use Folio as their brokerage? 012314545 6ÿ89 9ÿ 8ÿÿÿ99ÿ 8 ÿÿÿ    !11"""#    #81 $89 ...
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Folio Investing to be Acquired by Goldman Sachs
Saw this in the Club Cafe this morning. It will be interesting Sent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App Original Message From: Martin J. Eckerle via To: Sent: May 16, 2020 at 1:19 PM Subject: RE: [club_cafe] Folio Investing to be Acquired by Goldman ...
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Capital contributions
Hello Bivio community. New questions: 1) what are your club's guidance or requirement about amount ($) of recurring monthly contributions to capital? 2) ditto but on one time capital contributions or infusions to raise more cash for investing (without selling stocks)? Do you have 'capital ...
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Estimating impact of charter member withdrawals
Hello Bivio Club Cafe members. I need some opinions on a difficult topic. I currently lead our SCS Investment Club (over 20 years old) and am trying to assess the impact of 1 or more 'charter members' who are in their 80's and may withdraw ...
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Organizing a watch list
Our club is interested in keeping a watch list of stocks that are presented, not bought, but then unfortunately forgotten. Am interested how other clubs manage this problem. Thanks. Colene
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Video meetings
We have been a womens Club for 22 years and some are not up to date on computers. Looking for easiest Video program, Skype, Zoom or other for club to use for meetings until we can enjoy meeting in homes again Cindy Gerke Coles River ...
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