Schedule K-1 Item K is blank
Summary: - Club started 9/1/2020. No profits so 1099 is full of zeros - Members contributed about $1,500 each last year - Item K in Schedules K-1 is blank for every member. - Question: should it not show what each of the members have contributed? ...
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Trusts and Your Taxes - What's new for 2020
Hi All, If you have any trusts as members of your club,A you will have a little extra work when you take the partnership tax interview this year. You will be asked to supply the name and tax ID number of the "Beneficial Owner" of ...
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Centralized Partnership Audit Regime - Our recommendations
On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 5:38 PM Peter Dunkelberger via <user* > wrote: I wonder if Bivio, or any of the other clubs, have particularly lucid explanations for opting out (or not) of the centralized partnership audit regime? A You can find ...
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State NY tax documents
We are located in NY , when would the state forms be available ? Thanks ' Anat Benjamin
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Tax software?
Is the tax software available? I went to the Taxes page on bivio and the year has changed at the top of the page but isn't opening anything but information. Colleen Goings Women of Wauneta
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From Adam
I have decided to resign from the partnership. This isnt a reflection on anyone in our group, good luck to everyone. Adam
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TDAmeritrade 1099 missing dividend payments
I have three dividend payments recorded in January in Bivio but not on my TDAmeritrade 1099 The stocks are HACK on January 2, JPST on January 3 and SPY on January 31. Anyone know how this happens and if it is worth contacting TDAmeritrade? Ron ...
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Making sure I have my dates correctly for a full withdrawal from the club
Fellow Treasurers, While I consider myself fairly proficient in club accounting matters, I am ready to make my withdrawal. I have reviewed the webinars on withdrawals. So I know I will be transferring appreciated stocks to the withdrawing partner. I have the correct form from ...
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Balancing our portfolio
Our club is struggling with balancing our portfolio. We have had great success over the past few years with 3 stocks which are now 16.8, 10.7 and 9% of our portfolio. Some members want to sell some while others still see upside potential. We currently ...
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TD Ameritrade withdrawal / transfer to a Schwab account
I am sitting on hold with TD Ameritrade (over a 90 minute wait currently). I tried the virtual assistant and the local branch but the former was not helpful and the latter was a big circus which got me back to the national 800 number. ...
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AccountSync and Two Factor Authentication
From the previous posts I've seen, it sounds like you can't use 2 factor authentication (2FA) for your brokerage account if you also want to use AccountSync. Clearly it would be very desirable to use 2FA and and AccountSync for the club's brokerage account. Our ...
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TDAm Secure Communication
When logged into their website Client Services Message Center Compose Before sending, check the box "Send me an email when there is a response in my Message Center inbox." so you don't have to keep checking the secure site. S On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 ...
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need help in opening files within communications
a few files open readily but some do not. Some files cause my browser to indicate download blocked. Other members have difficulty too.
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Account sync
I'd like to learn more about 'account sync' with bivio. I'm curious how many are using it and the pros/cons of syncing. Thank you. Cecelia BCI
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Tax forms
The club natives are getting restless. Any word on when the tax forms will be ready?
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