REITs for investment clubs
Any clubs invest in REITs? Are there any problems with doing that? Especially at tax time? I know it's not a standard investment for us. Thanks Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Investment Club
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Bivio Support
Bivio Support does not answer my request for help in getting sync via yodlee with Schwab. Is it not working?
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Entering dividends manually in Bivio
Our club uses E*Trade as our broker and is one of those whose server is blocking Account syncing to Bivio. Yesterday, Friday, I sent a help request to Bivio but I haven't got a response yet. I want to be able to add our dividends ...
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Partial payout to club member
Hello, How does your club handle partial/full payouts of members? I am in an investment club that has been going since 2000. We feel our by-laws are well written but we need some help addressing a partial or full withdrawal of funds from the club. ...
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E*Trade & Edward Jones
If you are an E*Trade or Edward Jones customer, we need you to call their technical support desk and tell them this: Your OFX server is blocking our club's accountingA software when it tries to download trades from our account. Please whitelist 's IP ...
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Check Deposit
Hello , I received a refund check from Better Investing and using SuspenseA was ableA to get it into our bank account for our club. This resulted in a negative value in the Suspense account. When I tried to remove this value , it removes ...
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Corecard cost basis
Anyone else having trouble reconciling cost basis for Corecard with many different sized lots sold? Let's say we sold 200 shares of Corecard, bivio had numbers of shares being sold at 34, 7, 6 15 etc. TDA has shares sold at 40, 75 etc. I ...
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Schwab / Yodlee - Updating Credentials
We use Schwab as our broker and updated to the Yodlee service as instructed last July. We're now seeing an alert that we need to update our AccountSync, but when I went in to do it, I'm seeing a popup from Schwab (edited screenshot attached) ...
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Manifest Subscription
Just received an email form Mark Robertson. Our subscription has been renewed until 4-2-23. Anna
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Yahoo/AOL email issues
If your mail is going through (this includes ), messages from yourA clubs and Club Cafe are being "temporarily deferred" by Yahoo. We are working with our new ISP and Yahoo to resolve this issue. Cheers, Rob
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Server migration complete
We have migrated away from the problematic ISP to one that should be more reliable. Cheers, Rob
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Network outage 4/22/22 11:12-12:00 MDT
We had a network outage for 48 minutes.A We apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may have caused. Rob
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System Maintenance 4/24 9a-1p MDT
We will be migrating to a new server on Sunday 4/24 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.A The system will be unavailable during this period. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers, Rob
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Heads Up If You Own AL or BGS
Many of your clubs own AL and/or BGS. Just a heads up that there have been late reclassifications to their dividends.A Many clubs are now receiving revised 1099's to show that. You'll need to make these reclassifications to properly report your taxes and adjust the ...
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NJ electronic filing
Has anyone been successful in filing online with NJ? What's the secret? Bernie W
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