Check In
Hi I hope this email finds you well. Could i ask you a favor? Thanks Barb Cisler
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Electronic Filing of Tax Return
Will the upcoming webinar be available to watch after Monday
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Quick question:A Why on step 3 of the audit, if the total of the dividends and interest match between the brokerage report and the Bivio report, why do we need to tie the detail dividends between the two reports also?A With synchronization, how (or why) ...
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Club Cafe Emails
I used to be subscribed to this email blog (not sure if that is the correct term) and stopped getting them in October of 2022. I have gone into the website and subscribed several times but I am still not getting emails. I have checked ...
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Printer Software
Does we need to purchase a tax printer from IClub or will Bivio be doing this for us. Will Bivio be e-filing for Fed and State of Missouri Thanks, Steve
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Price change
Hi everyone, We really appreciate everybody's feedback to the non-profit idea ( read discussion here ). We heard you loud and clear: keep Bivio running as it is. We're on it! A We have identified a very talented candidate to help us maintain and enhance ...
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First Audit, Then Taxes!
Hi everyone, Has your club completed your 2022 audit? We're glad many of you could join us live for the How to Do An Investment Club Audit webinar. If you missed it or want to watch again, the handouts and video and audit forms are ...
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GEHC Spinoff
Hello all, Does anyone have the numbers to use for the recent spinoff of GEHC? Ken and Natalie Kavula
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Tax basis adjustment
Our club is located in Washington state which is a community property state. The spouse of one of our partners died in 2022. In a community property state, when either spouse dies the total value of the community property at the date of death becomes ...
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Adding Incapacitated clause to bylaws/partner agreement
Our club would like to add a clause to our bylaws/partnership agreement to state that in the event a member becomes incapacitated we would liquidate her account and release it to her financial POA.A Does Bivio have a sample clause to that effect?A A Thanks ...
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A folder/file for each meeting.
Greetings and Happy New Year ! What method do you use to store meeting information? I am looking for a method where club members can "Upload" documents (value line reports, SSGs, etc.) prior to the meeting for everyone to review. Thank you for taking the ...
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Disbanding Tax Forms 2021 vs. 2022
Hello, We disbanded club in 11/22; and completed our tax return/Kforms etc. per instructions. However, the tax return reads as a 2021 form (even tho calendar dates on forms are correct ie: 12/31/2021 thru 11/15/2022). Some members have reservations of filing their K1's with them ...
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First in but not first out
Is it permitted to identify sold lots in order to minimize realized gains if it does not adhere to First In / First Out? Thanks in advance for any replies. Scott
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I just watched the webinar Preparing Your 2022 Club taxes and I am confused about who needs to opt out of K-3s. I understand the club can opt out when they meet all 4 criteria but I don't understand why a club member would need ...
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Club disband before subscription
Our club renewal is in Jan but we are considering disbanding the club in a couple of months. If we do, would we be able to get the prorated membership fee?
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