Transfer of Partner Interest to a Trust
Our Investment Club allows transfers to a trust. We have two members who want to transfer. However, we are unsure what the actual document they give to our secretary must say. Do we also need for them to complete a W-9 for the trust?
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forcing withdrawal upon a partner
If contacting other family doesn't get you what you want, contact your broker. You should already have the necessary information to open an account in her name and transfer the stocks and required cash to it. Send her a letter informing her that unless the ...
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Beginner Investing books
We have some new members in our club, who are brand new to investing, what are some good books to suggest to introduce them to all the lingo, like PE, and give them an idea what we are talking about. I am going to give ...
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Procedure to "Opt Out"
There have been questions from clubs on how they will opt out if their clubs are eligible to do so. There will be a place on the form 1065 where you will indicate that you want to opt out. There will also be a new ...
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Revised partnership agreement
If we use the sample agreement, do we use the original date of partnership, or the date we start with the revision? Or effective as of revision date, revision 1 (if we haven't revised before). Thanks for your help Mary Fran Novak Frisky Business Investment ...
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New IRS Audit Procedures - Our Recommendations
It's time to make a change. Our goal at bivio is to make sure your club operations can be as simple as possible so you can have an investment club and learn about investing in a real life a€œlaba€ and not get bogged down by ...
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Wording for partnership agreement
Does anyone have suggestions for the wording in the partnership we need to add for the new audit rules? Colleen goings treasure..Women of WAuneta investment club.
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Club Disbanding
Some questions: 1. How does a club notify the IRS of the date of disbanding? 2. Can you use IRS form 7004 to request a 6 month automatic extension for filing the clubs 1065 form? (our Treasurer is taking an extended vacation) 3. I think ...
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tax basis on partial withdrawal
Is there a tax consequence on a partial withdrawal if the withdrawal has not exceeded the cost basis
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Buying Foreign Stocks
Our club is considering purchasing stock in Canadian company Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF), which is slated to trade on the NYSE as ACB by the end of this month. Our question regards taxes. How does owning foreign stocks complicate our taxes, if at all? Thank you ...
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Payable on Death
Can a partner make his interest in an investment club payable on death to an individual or trust? Has anyone done this? Thanks, Scott
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Partnership Representative--verbiage for bylaws change?
We are wondering if anyone has copies of verbiage they have used for defining the position of Partnership Representative in their bylaws. We would appreciate not having to reinvent the wheel if the wording already exists and could be shared with us. Thank you, Rita ...
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Double check the disbanding rules with IRS. I thought there was a new rule about needing to file a return within so many days after disbanding. Sent from my HTC Reply message From: "John Rice via" <user*> To: <> Subject: [club_cafe] disbanding Date: Mon, ...
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We are thinking of disbanding this year I am thinking of doing it in Nov or early Dec. Convert every thing to cash and distribute at end of year. Problem our membership in BIVIO is up in Nov. Is there a prorated membership to get ...
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Investment Clubs using as their online broker
Gentle-people: I have interacted with a small group of people (all of whom have used as their broker), and I am exploring the possibility of us creating an investment club using as its broker. On their and my behalf, we would be very ...
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