How to Correct Club Name at Schwab?
Hello, We transitioned to Schwab from TDA in September and have come to learn that somehow our club name "Lakshmi Investors" has now officially become "Lakshmi Investors a Partnership Investment Club" at Schwab - no kidding!! Has any other club experienced this? Any ideas who ...
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ETRADE switched our account to Morgan Stanley- BROKE SYNC
ETrade merged with Morgan Stanley and switched our brokerage account over today. We got a new account number. OUR BIVIO SYNC IS BROKEN! Our transactions are still happening OK in the new Morgan Stanley account, but nothing is syncing to BIVIO. Anyone else stuck or ...
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Mutual Funds
Hello, Are there any cautions generally about club investing in mutual funds/ Our club would like to try investing in a mutual fund but we are concerned that we may create problems in accounting. Will Bivio be able to account for the investment in a ...
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BI online tool improvements
It's possible that many of you are as unaware of the BI process for improving their online tools as I was. The site is here: . Everyone who is a registered BI user can vote (up to 3 times per suggestion) for the suggestions ...
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Our club is considering disbanding. Our broker is also the broker for four of our members. If each of the remaining members establish an account with our club broker, can the annuities be transferred into their individual accounts in the amount of the each members' ...
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Questions for Clubs using Fidelity as their Broker
Our club transitioned from TDA to Schwab at the end of May. For a number of reasons, we're not happy w/Schwab, so are considering moving the acct to Fidelity. I have a few questions for those who already use Fidelity: 1. Reports: Can we generate ...
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Questions for Clubs using Fidelity as their Broker
I received these questions today on club cafe, the answers to some are posted after our club just went through this transition. Thanks to Laurie Manning/ Treasurer for First Coast Financiers. Hope this helps. Rick Josey. Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: From: ...
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Sending email to members
Is there a way to send individual members an email through bivio or can you only send a group message to the entire membership?
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Corporate Transparency Act -- It is not just for Corporations
The following information will not apply to most investment clubs, but there may be a few to which it does apply. If your investment club is a partnership formed without a state requirement to file the partnership agreement or other applications with secretary of state, ...
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Question about withdrawal of a partner, tax return, and K-1
Our partnership agreement places a partner's valuation date at the end of the month following the month the withdrawal notice is accepted. For instance, if a partner's withdrawal notice is accepted at the November 2023 meeting, then the partner's valuation date is December 31, 2023. ...
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What files should a club keep?
What files should an investment club keep? And how far back? We're looking at cleaning up our files in bivio - and our club was formed in 2007. Any guidelines? thoughts? Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Club
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General Partnership Formation Documents
At some point in 2008 I formed an investment club using Bivio. With the whole transfer from TD Ameritrade to Schwab my account has been broken similar to everyone else (I can no longer withdraw funds to a linked personal checking account). One solution they ...
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cost basis not agreeing
We had shares of LAC - Lithium America.A Last month, we received the same amount of shares of LAAC - Lithium America Argentina.A This is in addition to still having the shares of LAC.A The problem is that the cost basis on our Charles Schwab ...
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Death of member
We have a member who is in critical condition, and we would like to get payment to his spouse in the event he passes before our next scheduled meeting. The idea is to avoid probate in the event he does pass. Can we write the ...
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Webinar Recording and Upcoming Webinar Dates!
Hi everyone, It was nice to have many of you join us live last night for the Getting Ready for Tax Season webinar. If you missed it or want to watch again, the handouts and video are now posted on the bivio "Getting Ready for ...
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