member payments with virtual meetings
Our club will hold our next meeting using Skype. Does anyone have suggestions for how to handle member payments when doing virtual meetings? Should we suspend payments until we can meet in person? Should we collect "catch-up" payments when we resume in person meetings?
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Power of Attorney
Technically: If a married couple belongs to a club -- as individual members -- and one has become incapacitated and is going to withdraw, what do you recommend to do with regard to the letter of withdrawal? Can you assume the spouse has Power of ...
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Brokerage Accounts
Hello Everyone. At present, our investment Club. Uses TD Ameritrade as our broker. With the impeding merger with Schwab, we met with the Schwab people to discuss how our club would be impacted. We had a good discussion until we found out that Schwab does ...
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Voting between meetings
How do your clubs handle voting to buy or sell a stock between meeting?
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filing extension
where can I find instructions for filing for an extension for the club's return? We found a bookkeeping error going back years and don't expect it to be corrected in time. Bob
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IRS forms
I sent the IRS forms in the mail two weeks ago with signature return. I have not gotten the receipt back. I am wondering if I need to send another copy or aqssume that the return made it? I talked to our pastmaster and sne ...
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Hi All, We have members of this group from all over the US.A A I'm curious.A How is what you see happening in your communities and your states impacting your thoughts about investing?A A Personally I'm torn.A This level of uncertainty is unnerving,A but there ...
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Tax form
We had a person withdraw from our club this year and when I did our taxes there was this comment attached to the end with a withdrawal report for this person. "The withdrawal reports which follow should be distributed to the members for use in ...
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response from support
I think messages should go through. And we know messinging through this link works. Is it possible to forward or resend those that appeared to be blocked? I'm at a standstill until the adjustments are made or we will be forced to file the bivio ...
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Withdrawal Fountain Valley Ladies Investment League
Our club had a withdrawal of cash & stock last November. I'm trying to correct the accounts, but can't seem to get it right. Can you please look at our account and advise what to do? Sharon Holley
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Withdrawing some cash
We have a member that would like to withdraw some of the profits that have built up in her account over the years but not withdraw from the club. Is that possible and if so how do you do it.
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Equal Equity
You do not have to have equal ownership by partners in an investment club.A In fact it is discouraged because, while some might think it simplifies things, A it will actually complicate your record keeping. It also causes issues because potential new members may be ...
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Deductible expenses
This year (2019 return) the portfolio expenses show as investment expense and deductible this year where last year they were not deductible due to a change in the tax law. Does anyone know why? Thanks.
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Why are the portfolio expenses non-deductible this year.
Our clubs expenses are usually deductible but this year they show as not deductible. Does anyone know why?
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Updated Privacy Statement
We have updated our privacy statement to reflect the change in encryption technology that our site uses. No changes were made to how information is collected, used, or stored. You can view our privacy statement by clicking on Privacy at the bottom of this page ...
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