Guest member Club email access
I invited a potential member as a Guest. she shows in roster as a guest member. The description of a Guest member states Guest does not see Club Emails yet Guest called me next day and said she is seeing all members comments about her ...
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Recording the transfer of stock to a member
Is there an easy way to record the transfer of stock to a member if the club agrees to give them shares of stock instead of cash when they request a withdrawal or leave the club? We are discussing this as an option for our ...
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CPAR Language Add to Membership Agreement
Our club will likely opt out this year. Is there some language we need to add to our membership agreement to do so. I seem to recall seeing something a couple years ago.
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A cautionary tale of woe
Always check every transaction for accuracy. My club has to reduce its size every December to avoid a partnership fee in NJ. Last year we decided to distribute shares of Apple to our members in proportion to our club ownership. Each member was required to ...
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Getting Ready for Tax Season 2021 Webinar Now Posted
The recording of the Getting Started for Tax Season Webinar we did on Wednesday is now posted here: Getting Ready for Investment Club 2021 Tax Season Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our Facebook friend! A Follow us on twitter!A A ...
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What's the Deal with SPAC"s?
There are a lot of new types of investments we find clubs are getting into without really knowing a lot about them, including the tax consequences of owning them. One of them is SPAC's or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.A A This short, easy to watch ...
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As we have said in the past...
If a member of this list has their personal email account hacked,A it may send a spam email to this list. When this happens,A we immediately remove them from the list so no further ones will come through. As we have asked in the past,A ...
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Using Bivio email to send reports and information to members
We have all of our members email address's in Bivio and I would like to use Bivio's email to send out reports and information to our members. There must be away to do this that I'm not finding! The more I use Bivio the more ...
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Third Party Payment Companies and New IRS Guidelines For Payments Over $600
Most of our members deposit directly to the brokerage account. Even those who make out paperA checks make them out to the brokerage.(The Treasurer can either mail them in or do a mobile photo deposit) I see potential trouble if money is deposited into an ...
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Third Party Payment Companies and New IRS Guidelines For Payments Over $600
Ditto. Everyone sends their money directly to the broker by Bill Pay and we use the cent system. We also don't chase down people who miss contributions. It is their loss if they don't contribute. John Rice On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 7:06 PM ...
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Third Party Payment Companies and New IRS Guidelines For Payments Over $600
Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. In our club, we use Venmo to send the treasurer our monthly contributions for her to deposit in the investment account. A new guidance came out that states for goods/services over $600, the payment company will send the ...
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AccountSync and Fidelity
It appears that as of late last week, Fidelity has shut off access to their transaction data for all sites using the interface we used to get it. To address the issue,A we will be working on a new Fidelity access via Yodlee such as ...
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Bivio access to Fidelity
Our club switched last year from TDAmeritrade to Fidelity. Twice so far Bivio has informed us that the user name and password we established no longer work. Neither we nor Fidelity made any changes to the user name or password. Bivio states that they do ...
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New Tax Reporting for Investments in Foreign Companies
If your club has any investmentsA in foreign owned companies or ETFa€(TM)s or mutual funds which are invested in foreign companies,A you may have expanded tax reporting youa€(TM)ll need to do starting with your 2021 taxes.A We are working to include this in our 2021 ...
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1099INT/DIVreview page
Hello : I do not get the page Laurie states in her memo of yesterday for checking new tax reporting for foreign companies. What am I doing wrong ? Richard
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