Section 199A dividend
Our club owns AMT (a REIT) and each year I allocate the dividend as Qualified or Ordinary in Bivio after I receive the 1099. This year the 1099 shows the dividend as Qualified or Section 199A. Section 199A is not a selection in Bivio's drop ...
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Club-Friendly Brokerages
Susanne, I have been the "Treasurer for Life" in two Club and we both use Foliofn. What we/I like about Folio are 1) No brokerage fee, 2) Purchase in fractional shares so you can invest all your monthly contributions, 3) unlimited window trades, they trade ...
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Tax return due date and K1 to partner deadline
Hi: Is March 15, 2019 the deadline for filing club tax returns? Is there an earlier deadline for distributing K1's to partners? Thanks, scott
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Tax Question
If the club opts out, how does IRS know who the Partnership Representative person is? On Form 1065 Sch. B, the PR person has to be identified only if the club didn't opt out. Also, does IRS need, besides Form B-2, signatures of all partners? ...
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Is there any way to link my Bivio Member Data from my club to my personal Fidelity Account?
I don't want to link the club account to my personal broker account. However, Is there is any way to link my member data in Bivio to my Fidelity broker account for tracking purposes?? Fidelity gives me a "No institutions containing were found" when ...
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deductible expenses
Our bank started charging our club 3.00 per month service charge on our bank account. Is this a deductible expense. Also do I need to file a Kansas State Tax Return. I can't seem to find out from anyone.
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Deductable Expenses
Is it true that BI Dues & Manifest Dues are not deductable for Income Taxes What about Bivio Accounting software support
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Do I use Adjusted Cost Basis or Club Cost Basis after Club has disbanded
Your correct cost basis is your member adjusted cost basis on your withdrawal report. You might try sending your broker the signed statement they ask for and asking them to adjust the basis under Section 732(b) of the Internal Revenue Code which covers distributions from ...
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Do I use Adjusted Cost Basis or Club Cost Basis after Club has disbanded
Our club disbanded in December and our Treasurer transferred all members stocks to their personal broker accounts. When these transactions occurred the receiving broker used the clubs cost basis for my cost basis and seems disinclined (see email below) to use my member adjusted cost ...
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How cash affects IRR in down market?
While preparing my club's annual report, I include the IRR comparison between my club and the Vanguard 500 Index as computed using the "Performance Bench Mark" tool. I also include the stock minus cash IRR calculation created by "Investment Performance. In the last several "up" ...
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Getting Ready For Tax Season
Here's a little activity you can do to start to get ready for tax season.A A Go to Accounting>Investments Do you see any: 1.A Investments highlighted in red? 2.A Tickers in italics where shares for investments it still shows you own? 3.A Old dates in ...
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Entering the Express Script & Cigna merger - cash balance is off
Had 10 shares of Express Script (ESRX) and before merger no shares of Cigna (CI) After merger: 2 shares of Cigna with a cost basis of $364.37 Cash-in-Lieu was $79.52 Statement shows $567.02 added to my cash balance from this merger. 567.02=79.52+487.50 Statement also shows ...
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Audit Form Update Ready
Our Audit form has been updated to use for doing your 2018 tax year investment club audit. You can find a link to it on our help page.A It is available in both PDF and Word formats. Help Page January 12 and 13 is audit ...
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Club Audit - 2018
Has the club Audit form for 2018 changed from the 2017 audit form?
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Webinar Recording Now Available
The tax season webinar recordings are excellent Laurie. Thanks so much for all your help. Vic Scango (Comet Club) From: Laurie Frederiksen Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2018 11:08 AM To: The Club Cafe Subject: [club_cafe] Webinar Recording Now Available The presentation and recording for ...
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