Dissolving an Investment Club
Thank you for this idea. I was thinking this might be a good way to approach it, before deciding whether to sell any stocks. Original Message From: Linda Glein <> To: club cafe <> Sent: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:45:48 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Re: [club_cafe] ...
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Dissolving an Investment Club
Our small club has decided it's time to disband. I just renewed our Bivio subscription so that I can have it for doing 2017 tax returns & K-1 forms. Does anyone have any advice on regulations regarding dissolving our club? We're a partnership and I'm ...
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Dissolving an Investment Club
Thank you! That's some of the information I was looking for on Bivio but hadn't been able to find. Thanks for pointing me to it. Original Message From: John Rice <> To: club cafe <> Sent: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:15:00 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Re: ...
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federal and state return
Good afternoon, Our investment club returns for federal and state were sent off at the end February. Both were sent certified with return receipt requested. I checked on the status of both returns and USPS tracking says the items are 'In Transit to the Destination', ...
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Matching Your 1099 Doesn't Mean You Have Correct Taxes
It seemed this year that there were an unusually high number of clubs that were trying all sorts of creative (and wrong) ways to adjust their club records to get bivio to match their 1099's.A Unfortunately, even if they did, A it didn't mean their ...
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Subject: guidance I presented this on 3/2/17 but am not sure as to how to proceed with our Partnership in regards to the wording in the agreement itself nor the wording that the Partner would present to the Partnership to actually implement this provision nor ...
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Form 3 for state of Massachusetts
The Bivio accounting software does not support state of MA tax filing. I need to complete form 3 for the state of MA and a 3K-1. Any guidance or help in how to do it manually would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roma
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How to file for state taxes?
Printed out the documents now what. This will be our first time filing.. help
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K-1's for WIthdrawn Members
If you have completely shut off a withdrawn members access to the club it is probably easiest to print their K-1 and mail it to them. To give them access back at this point, A you'd need to delete the withdrawal entry, A send them ...
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Fees, Fines & Dues spin off from Withdrawal
Hi: The discussions about fees and comments about how different clubs work and charge members was enlightening to see how differently clubs operate. Without further discussing the pros or cons of fees I was wondering if other clubs work WITHOUT DUES or requiring partners to ...
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Deleting a guest
How do you delete a guest from our club member page? John Rice
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Question on Filing for State of OR Form 65 send on Feb 22
(I requested some information on filing a Form 65 in OR on Feb 22. Ira said he would look into it, but I think tax season is getting in the way!) Original question on 2016 Requirements on Filing for state of OR Last year I ...
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member withdrawal
I am having difficulty completing the process of withdrawing a member. This is a full withdrawal to which our particular club only gives back 97% of the value of the stock. Additionally, we do not reimburse the $75 initiation fee nor late payment fees which ...
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Member Withdrawal Fee
Dear All: I am Leo Cardillo, Treasurer, 711 Investment Club. Our Club has 25 members, about $450K in assets and has been in existence since 1955. Legend has it that the Club has never missed a monthly meeting. I know that we have not missed ...
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Schedule D
When I printed my tax forms, schedule D did not print w/1065. My club had no capital gains/losses. Should I send it anyway? Thanks for your help Mary Fran Novak
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