Payable on Death
Can a partner make his interest in an investment club payable on death to an individual or trust? Has anyone done this? Thanks, Scott
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Partnership Representative--verbiage for bylaws change?
We are wondering if anyone has copies of verbiage they have used for defining the position of Partnership Representative in their bylaws. We would appreciate not having to reinvent the wheel if the wording already exists and could be shared with us. Thank you, Rita ...
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Double check the disbanding rules with IRS. I thought there was a new rule about needing to file a return within so many days after disbanding. Sent from my HTC Reply message From: "John Rice via" <user*> To: <> Subject: [club_cafe] disbanding Date: Mon, ...
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We are thinking of disbanding this year I am thinking of doing it in Nov or early Dec. Convert every thing to cash and distribute at end of year. Problem our membership in BIVIO is up in Nov. Is there a prorated membership to get ...
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Investment Clubs using as their online broker
Gentle-people: I have interacted with a small group of people (all of whom have used as their broker), and I am exploring the possibility of us creating an investment club using as its broker. On their and my behalf, we would be very ...
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Email Housekeeping
Hi All, Do you or any members of your club have an old email address associated with your bivio account? Want to update it? Here's how: Updating Your Email Address Let your club members know too.A It's a cool activity you can do on a ...
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Best Brokerage Company
Hello, My investment group is Affluent Alliance LLC. We were wondering which brokerage company has the best service. We recently signed up for Bivio and were trying to decide. Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you!
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Income Taxes for Indiana
One of the members of the Model Club of Northern Virginia moved to Indiana. She resigned from the club 1 A1/2 years ago. The club has recently obtained equipment to have members join the club meetings online and she would like to rejoin, but she ...
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Beneficiary forms
Wondering if you use beneficiary forms? If not how would you handle the situation. If you do, could you share. We have had our club 20plus years and have used a form but we need something more. Thanks Judy Chagnon
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Club portfolio date for paying withdrawing member?
Can anyone tell us at what date (e.g. month end following member's written request to withdraw?) a club should value its portfolio in order to pay out a withdrawing member? If there is more than one answer, what is the common/ best practice for clubs? ...
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Check Your Cost Basis Now
We're well into 2018 already and it's a good time to do some checking that will help your 2018 tax season go smoothly. If you've sold any stocks so far in 2018,A compare the cost basis details shown on the bivio Capital Gain and Loss ...
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Changes Affecting Your Club for 2018 Tax Reporting
Hi all, Now that 2017 tax season has been put to bed, it is time for your club to focus on one of the changes which you will be dealing with when it comes time to prepare your 2018 taxes next year. Starting with your ...
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Changes Affecting Your Club for 2018 Tax Reporting
Is it likely that it will be better in future years? On Monday 04/06/2018 at 3:23 pm, Laurie Frederiksen wrote: Hi, Clubs disbanding in 2018 will need to comply with the new 2018 audit rules for their reporting. Tax wise, it's a more complicated year ...
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GE Merges - Facebook Faces European Lawmakers - Top Ten
Wabtec and GE Transportation to Merge Today Wabtec announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to combine with GE Transportation. The combination will make Wabtec a Fortune 500, global transportation leader in rail equipment, software and services, with operations in more than 50 ...
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Investment Club Accounting is Different - Learning about bivio
Why is keeping records for your investment club different than keeping personal investment records or records for other groups? a€‹ a€‹ Because your investment club is a partnership.A Your club has multiple owners. You don't just have to keep track of your investments, you need ...
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