Inactive member - thoughts?
We have an inactive member that we will likely be removed. As part of our partnership agreement we can disburse through cash or stocks. However, the inactive member will not respond to any correspondence, so a disbursement of any sort may pose a logistical problem. ...
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Trouble with deposits at Schwab
Every thing with our Schwab move has gone well except deposits. We applied for mobile deposit approval a couple of months ago but we see that we are still awaiting approval. We tried a mobile deposit anyway, but it would not let us do it. ...
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our club wants suggestions for new broker that AccountSyncs with Bivio
Our investment club is in the final stages of voting on a new broker that AccountSyncs with Bivio. Any pros or cons from other clubs about the broker you use that you care to share? (BTW, we don't need to hear about Schwab; they are ...
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Crediting Member Direc2t Deposits
One caution is that the 2 items that John mentioned should be covered in your Partnership Agreement, ByLaws or whatever your forming document(s) might be.A Those are both items that can be handled differently that what John has stated, depending on what your organization has ...
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Crediting Member Direct Deposits
Our club is considering instituting members' direct depositing their investment funds into our Schwab brokerage account.A We understand that each of our 11 members would have an identifying amount to deposit - e.g. $50.01, $50.02, etc.A The questions that I need your input on are ...
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"Undoing" Withdrawal Report
Our club has only processed withdrawals in cash in the past, and we are hoping to do a withdrawal via stock transfer for the first time. Trying to set up several scenarios and wondering if I can go through the withdrawal process several times and ...
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How to unsubscribe from Club Cafe List
Please use this link to unsubscribe from this list: Leave Club Cafe
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Brokerage accounts
After the debacle with Schwab last year and not allowing the investment club to transfer stock even within Schwab; we are looking for a new brokerage who will allow the club to transfer stock. Any recommendations? ps they would allow us to transfer shares to ...
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payouts for members
how to determine how much a member is due when they have paid for the whole year in January and pass away midyear?A We would pay the estate the % he is owed in stock. thanks Dan Cohn Atlanta NAMC Investment Club #3
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Schwab cash withdrawal
Our investment group was transferred from Ameritrade to Schwab. We have to pay a withdrawing member and sold the stock to pay her. We can not get the cash out of our Schwab account. Does any one know how to get our cash out? They ...
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Schwab "Update" Form APP70337-09 (04/23)
I'm a partner in two investment clubs. In both we were recently switched from TDA to Schwab. We are both in the process of changing Treasurers and struggling with Schwab's Update Form. "Update Your Schwab One Organization Account for Incorporated and Unincorporated Organizations" In Section ...
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Schwab Problem treasurerss
Club account is listed in my personal stock account and when I click on either the balance or summery tabs the total includes the club amount too. Investment clubs need a separate stand-alone account and never list or show-up in personal accounts. Gayle Freeman, treasurer ...
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Danaher spinoff of Veralto
Does anyone else here own Danaher (DHR) stock? There was a spinoff of a new company called Veralto (VLTO) on 10/2. It is not showing in my Bivio transactions nor in the Valuation report. Would anyone know why?
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Withdrawals and taxes
We use Schwab and realized that when we sell stock in our club to give a withdrawing (deceased) member his percentage in cash; the total membership has to pay the capital gains tax!A Our club is made up of "ROMEO's" and have been around for ...
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Taxes and selling stocks for member withdrawal
Since Schwab does not allow a club to disperse stock to individualA members who are leaving; we have sold stock.A That means theA whole membership has to pay capital gains for the stock being sold. Or is my senior mind not "understanding"? Thanks Dan Cohn ...
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