K1 with box 16 checked but do not have Foreign Income - TurboTax
The K1 has RIC income from a REIT and RIC is one of the pull down choices instead of a country source for the income when entering K3 information. TurboTax issues a Smart Check error that there are no foreign transations. Any suggestions on how ...
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Is Return Receipt Required/Recommended?
I am mailing my Federal and GA State tax returns tomorrow. I have requested an extension. Do I need to send certified mail, receipt requested? Larry Reno Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement--Mark Twain Stay positive Test negative!!
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Turbo Tax and K-3's
Hi All, We are not Turbo Tax experts,A but we have been getting a lot of questions on how to enter the K-3 information into Turbo Tax.A Up until yesterday,A they did not have that functionality working. Happy to report that it is working now ...
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As treasurer of our club, I would like to have a simple understandable way to explain to our members why opting out of CPAR is beneficial to the club and members. I guess I don't totally understand it myself. I did opt out this year ...
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Out of state partners
Hi. Our club treasurer just printed our club's tax return for the second time. As with everyone, there were a lot more pages to print this year as well as having to redo it after Air Lease changed its classification of dividends. Costs (printing and ...
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Schedule K-3 and Personal Returns
A big thank you to Bivio in getting the 2021 tax forms ready! We've been able to successfully generate our club tax return! Now a new question. I'm preparing my personal tax return with Turbo Tax and when I enter my K-1 info I specify ...
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removing Email from list
How do I remove my Email off of this list. Thank You, Katherine Keys
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1065 is too big for staples or clips
Do returns have to be bound together? Ours is too big for staples or clips. Thanks in advance for any replies, searching the IRS website didn't help me. scott
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OGN SpinOff Not Rptd
Merck did a spinoff of OGN w cash in lieu of fractional shares. BIVIO entry is rptg it as LTCG SCHWAB is listing on 1099 but not rptg to IRS. Very few shares so little impact to #s but creates a mismatch between Bivio n ...
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Electronic Return Filing through Bivio
The expanded size of the club filing for federal taxes took us by surprise but we understand that it is a new requirement - our club's return has 129 pages and weighed about 2 pounds. From past discussions of electronic filing it's apparent that it's ...
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Careful at the Post Office
Well, just a word of caution. I was leaving the post office and got to the door after mailing our club taxes, realized I just had a cash register receipt and not the green and white certified mail receipt. So I went back up to ...
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Ohio Taxes
This is our first year as a club. We have members in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Bivio generated the Pennsylvania tax forms just fine. I understand Ohio is not included in the software. So, do we need to fill out a form for Ohio also? Or ...
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Thank You!
Laurie, Ira and the bivio team, At the risk of adding one more to the many hundreds of emails we have all received this past month, I wanted to thank you very much for helping us with the IRS updates this tax season. Bivio is ...
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Interesting.A Perhaps there is confusionA with the ticker symbol or the name of the company.A WhenA I enter MNDO at Edgar, everything says Israel. Peter Dunkelberger On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 3:32 PM Carolyn Sturgis via <user* > wrote: Mind (MNDO is ...
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How long is it taking for response from bivio support?
Just wondering how long it's taking for people to get a response to their questions to bivio support? I'm sure this year especially they're inundated. Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Investment Club
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