Bivio official identification
May I suggest that official Bivio associates identify themselves by putting [BIVIO] after their email name in this email list. This would help us zero in on information. Thanks
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Unrealized gains and losses
I am working on our tax return and question the following: 1) The balance sheet number on Other Investments does not agree with Schedule L. Schedule L does agree with BiVio balance sheet. The difference is $33.84. 2) Other assets amount does not agree with ...
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Final Withdrawal report or Capital Gain/Loss report
We had a member who did a full withdrawal last year. He did a partial withdrawal earlier in the year and then a full withdrawal later in the year. On the withdrawal report it says "Note - any gain/loss realized on withdrawal must be reported ...
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Mailing tax form
Hi, A couple of questions: 1. For CA filing, at the beginning of the form it says there needs to be an e-filing waiver. Has this been done by Bivio, or do I do that? Do I need to include this page in the mailing? ...
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Final K-1 Box not checked
I started to notify our members they can now access their K-1s, but I noticed the "Final K-1" box at the top of our 1065 is not checked. Is this a problem? Lori Johnson
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Federal E-Filing Status Update
We apologize for the delay in releasing federal e-filing. We have been in communication with the IRS. We expect to be able to allow e-filing within a week. However, we cannot guarantee any dates asA we are waiting on the IRS to take certain actions. ...
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2022 Tax Forms Are Released!
Hi everyone, You can now prepare your 2022 state and federal taxes on bivio. The IRS has had our submissions for final approval to provide e-filing services for many weeks. You can mail your state tax returns and give your members their K-1s. You may ...
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Printing/Mailing taxes.
Probably a stupid question, but do we include the sheet that has name of member, club name, other info--"opted out of centralized audit" with the rest of the taxes?
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K-3s - Foreign Tax Expenses
This is probably a dumb question, but what exactly are "foreign tax expenses"? I see that the trigger for requiring filing of K-3 forms if the club has more than "$300 in foreign tax expenses." Is $300 in foreign tax expenses the same as "$300 ...
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foreign dividends
Our club holds MDT which shows as Ireland as the country but dividends are normal with no foreign tax withheld but our AEM shows as Canadian company/country but dividends have foreign tax withheld. Does someone have anything to share that I am missing about foreign ...
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login to our BIVIO account
I am unable to get into our Stockettes account
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Tax forms
Please provided an update as to when the tax files for 2022 will be available. Julia Van de Water
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trasferring cash from broker qccount to club account
We purchased two stocks recently. I need to transfer cash from the broker account to the checking account. I think. I am not sure if I should just make a cash transfer from broker to checking accounts or is there another way of doing so ...
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Tax Webinar Video and Handouts now Posted!
Hi all, Two items, first, do not respond or comment on messages that you receive from Club Cafe that look like spam. Just delete them. A spam message with subject, "Breaking: An Appraiser " was generated by a Club Cafe member's email and the member ...
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Electronic Filing of Tax Return
Becky, This link won't work. Says its a bad address on the BIVIO site. Mary From: "Becky Kruse" To: Cc: Sent: Thursday February 9 2023 10:51:49AM Subject: [club_cafe] Re: Electronic Filing of Tax Return Hi all, Correction -- the webinar is MONDAY evening, February ...
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