please remove my name from the list.
Thanks. From: <> on behalf of Melinda Speak via <user*> Date: Monday, July 24, 2023 at 2:05 PM To: <> Subject: Re: [club_cafe] ACH Transfer from Personal Bank Account to Investment Club Fidelity Brokerage Account WARNING: This message has originated from an ...
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ACH Transfer from Personal Bank Account to Investment Club Fidelity Brokerage Account
My objective is to streamline the member payment process for the investment club in which I participate. Has anyone successfully (and securely) setup ACH transfer to a Fidelity brokerage account? I was able to setup the investment club brokerage account as an external account and ...
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Director or Board or Trustee position on a Non-Profit Board
Would anyone like to start a conversation about the differences of making investment decisions when on a non-profit board and other governance issues? I realize this is not a bivio or investment club topic, so I am quite willing to take this 'offline' but I'm ...
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Mailing list
Please remove my email address,, from your mailing list. I am no longer in a bivio investment club. Thank you, Pat Tippit Sent from my iPad
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BREAKING: Appraiser Countersues Black Plaintiffs Who Alleged Discrimination
Unsubscribe Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 7:50 AM, ijh via <user*> wrote: Good Morning, Please see attached document . If you are likely to receive this in an error kindly forward it to your Accounting Department ...
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Schwab - no 3rd party checks
Our club transitioned from TD Ameritrade to Schwab. We had check writing at TD. We are told by Schwab now we cannot write 3rd party checks on our investment club account. Therefore, we cannot pay expenses with the cash in our brokerage account. Wondering how ...
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Are there investment clubs that moved to other brokers and not Schwab? I read about Schwab, but I'm making comparisons with Fidelity-Pros & Cons. Gayle Freeman Treasurer NJ Model Inv Club
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Thank You: Check to Bank vs. Direct Deposit to Brokerage Account
Much appreciation to all of you who contributed to this robust discussion about your individual club's practices.A I've learned a lot, and hope everyone else has as well.A At a glance it seemsA as if the majority of clubs who respondedA have members direct deposit ...
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Club Member Funds: Checks to a Bank vs. Direct Deposit to Brokerage Account?
Hello Fellow Investment Clubs, I'm trying to get a sense of how many clubs have their members direct deposit into the brokerage account vs. having a separate bank account member checks are deposited into.A We currently use a separate bank account and checks.A We also ...
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Information from Charles Schwab
Our club was moved from TDAmeritrade to Charles Schwab over Memorial Day. Since then no trades we have made or deposits we have made are showing up in bivio. Some I have put in myself. I changed the brokers account to Charles Schwab in bivio ...
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Problem sending mail
Is anyone else having a problem with messages not being sent?
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Death of a Member
Our group had a member pass away this week and per our PA his interest will pass on to his spouse. If the wife would like a complete withdrawal, then no problem, we will just send her cash and it will be over. However, she ...
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Club closing
Note, that the IRS might care about the 3 month deadline. And if they do, it's a substantial penalty. I had filed within 3 months, but the IRS sent a late filing notice with a large penalty. The notice says the penalty is $210/partner per ...
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Current Summary of Brokerages for Investment Club (is there one?)
Has anyone prepared a current comparison of Investment Club & Bivio friendly brokerages? I am Treasurer of two clubs currently using TDA. Neither one has been notified of the transfer date to Schwab, but I want to be ready. Especially if we decide to go ...
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Accountsync with Schwab??
How do I setup accountsync with Schwab now that the move has happened from TDAmeritrade? On May 25, 2023, at 8:21 PM, Carole Jansen via <user*> wrote:  Bivio does AccountSync with Fidelity. My club has been with Fidelity for several years now and ...
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