Bank set up as account?
Should we set up our bank checking account as an additional bivio account? It says that I can do that and the username is optional but when I try, I get an error message saying username required.
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Banking question
Our bank is requesting each member of our club to update there profile in person at the bank. I just wondered if any of you had to do the same with your bank.
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Please take my name off the mailing list. Have not been a member for about 15 yrs. Thank You1 message
bivio price increase
attached are 2 articles that explain the price increase and types of memberships. Basically, they are going broke. Haven't had a price increase for 7 years. wanted to go nonprofit and change business model but members didn't go for it. Not sure that would have ...
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Return of Capital
NUSI has most of it's dividend as return of capital. I can't find where to enter ROC anywhere on BIVIO. Thank you, Rich Spina Sent from Mail for Windows
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ACLLY spin off from ABB
Our club received 17 shares of ACLLY in a spin off from ABB on 10/11/22. It is listed in our TD Ameritrade account but did not synch over to bivio. Should I just manually enter it at this time? Anyone else have this issue?
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Schwab approved, testing begins
Hi All, Bivio is now an approvedA Schwab third party vendor. We have begun testing our software against theirs. Our current estimate is that it will be production ready in two weeks. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please email . ...
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To whom it may concerned. Please remove my address from the mailing list Thank you Sent from my iPad
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open software
Hi Rob, A little while ago I read that the software for Bivio is "open".A I was wondering whatA that meant for users (club treasurers and members).A For instance, I would like to see how the IRR reports are prepared.A Is it possible to see ...
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Schwab approved, testing begins
Thanks Rob! We'll keep an eye out for the migration to the new system. Nancy Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone Original message From: Robert Nagler <> Date: 10/20/22 10:39 AM (GMT-06:00) To: Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Schwab approved, testing begins Hi Nancy, Penny, ...
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[ #251183] [club_cafe] Schwab approved, testing begins
Thanks for volunteering, Sarah. We appreciate it! But this beta only involves Schwab accounts, not TD Ameritrade. Becky Kruse bivio
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Cost basis of stocks held
Is there a recommended method for reconciling the cost basis of stocks that are still held? Once a stock is sold it is easy to look at the G/L report in bivio and reconcile this with the broker's information. Getting at the cost basis for ...
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Status of Schwab Sync
I have just been informed by our club Treasurer that the sync process with Schwab still does not work. Can you please confirm the status of the sync problems with Schwab? Should all clubs with Schwab accounts now be able to sync with Bivio? Or ...
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Corrected 1099 received
Our broker provided a 2021 corrected 1099 in September 2022. It decreased the reported Total Ordinary Dividends (Line 1a) & Qualified Dividends (Line 1b) by the same amount and increased the Non Dividend Distributions (Line 3) by that amount. Does the bivio software allow us ...
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Record Keeping
I have a box of Investment Club Records from 2006-2017. The Club disbanded and filed it's last tax return in 2017. How many years do I need to keep the Audit and Tax forms? Thanks for your help!
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