How to I add a transation?
I have a stock that gave a dividend in 10/23. It is not listed in bivio's dividends but is in my 1099 Div. I see how I can add a transaction for a listed dividend stock but I don't see any way of adding a ...
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Reactivating a former member
We have a former club member who previously cash out and now several years later wants to rejoin. I do not see how to reactivate the member. Has anyone had this happen and how do we do this on Bivio.
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Question for Clubs that use Fidelity
I have appreciated all the input re: changing our brokerage acct from Schwab to Fidelity. Several Clubs recommended I call Fidelity and ask them to open a case # so that I could talk to a Fidelity person who is in the 'back office' who ...
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Any one else have this Schwab Brokerage problem with Novo-Nordisk stock & dividend reinvestment?
I've owned Novo-Nordisk stock (an ADR) for 9 years (TD Ameritrade, then Schwab Brokerage) & have the dividends reinvested 2X a year (April & Aug) (Received the Aug'23 reinvestment dividend AFTER Schwab took over.). I just bought my g-kids shares & noticed that my Dividend ...
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I suspect you're looking in the wrong place. It's actually hidden in a poorly chosen location. From the IRS homepage, click "Sign in to your account". Then choose the link to "New to business tax account? Get started". Ira Smilovitz On Sat, Mar 9, 2024 ...
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STG issues with Bivio and TDA and LTG
Bivio did not pick up a purchase of of 1 share of AL on 10/06/2023 @ $33.9419 price We sold all of AL on 12/04/2023 Bivio shows we sold 194.156 shares of AL on 12/04/2023 TDA shows on 12/4/2023 sales of 195 shares of AL ...
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Remove from email list
Will you please remove my email from the Club Cafe email list. Thanks Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
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Gatekeeping Stocks
Hello, On another subject, besides taxes, I have a question about how Clubs decide to hold/sell/buy more of a holding. Our club assigns a "Gatekeeper" or a member who watches the stock for 12 months. Per our current by-laws, the Gatekeeper is the only member ...
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Remove from email
Could you please remove my email, from the club cafe distribution list. Thank you, Linda Courtney
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Short term gain not reported
Bivio didn't pick up a STG of $16.97 reported from our broker of a sale of UFP we made in December. I don't know how to add this to Bivio so it balances out. TIA, Steve
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cost basis for prior year sales don't agree between Schwab and Bivio
I'm a new Club treasurer. Previous Treasurer withdrew. When doing audit found Schwab cost basis doesn't agree with Bivio for several holdings due to the lot cost basis used by Schwab was not FIFO. Schwab was set to Tax Optimizer, not FIFO. Have changed Schwab ...
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New Jersey Partnership Return
Has anyone had any success/luck filing with the State of New Jersey? The work around that I used last year by using the site to simulate IE9 is no longer working for me. I am a Mac/Safari user, but I have also downloaded and ...
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How to remove yourself from Club Cafe List
Please use this link to unsubscribe from this list: Leave Club Cafe
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tax returns and digital asset ownership
Hi Becky--I have a suggestion:A please make everyone aware of this, and please don't bury the question of digital asset ownership in the very last question in the club interview. I initially answered yes to the digital asset interview question, clicked the "generate the return" ...
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[ #259744] "categorizing an investment
So another question:A I initially thought that an ETF that our club purchased was a digital asset, so I answered yes to that question in the partnership interview section of the tax preparation process.A I went through the rest of the process and found that ...
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