Annoying editing Bivio dividend/interest review
Schwab has different terminology from the Bivio drop-down menu for editing dividends and interest.A For instance, for our money market "dividends", the Schwab 1099 calls some of them a) nonqualified, which is not an item on the Bivio drop down menu for editing, and b) ...
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Members SS#
Is there any way to check the members SS# before I e file? I always had my members check their K-1 before I mailed them in. I do not see a way to do it before I e file.
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Nonqualified dividend
I am doing the tax interview and one of our dividends is nonqualified.A When I click on to edit it under Distribution Amounts there is no choice for nonqualified.A How do I correct this? John Rice
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Partial withdrawal
We had a member do a partial withdrawal in the amount of $40,000 in Dec 2023. I believe I entered the withdrawal as instructed on the tutorial. In Accounting>Reports>Member Contributions and Withdrawals, it now shows his contribution in Q4 as -$40,000. It appears that it ...
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Qualified Dividends on 1099 reclassified in Bivio to ordinary
We have a couple of investments where dividends are shown as Qualified on the 1099, but Bivio has reclassified all or a portion as Ordinary. I believe this is because we did not hold the stock long enough before the ex-dividend date. The stocks are ...
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Tax tools
Is the tax tool available in Bivio yet?
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what is the PIN#?
I just completed our club NYS taxes. On the first page of IT-204 designee name , It has a box that has a personal ID #. What is that? Do I put the last 4 of my SS#? A Benjamin
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Ordinary vs Qualified dividends
Hi, I was trying to update my dividends to reflect those that are ordinary dividends vs qualified dividends. One fund is recorded as having all qualified dividends, but my 1099 indicates that a small portion is ordinary. In the past, I have split that out ...
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Access to K-1s
I just e-filed our taxes. Now the members need to access their K-1s online. In the past, I believe there was a check-off to Allow Members to Access K-1s, but I cannot find that option now. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
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Changing from Schwab to E*Trade
Our club was formerly with TDA and transitioned to Schwab in May. I began trying to process a transfer of stock to a withdrawing member, using her broker (who is a Schwab broker) to process the transfer. As everyone else has reported, this is not ...
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Please remove me from e-mail: Thank you. Sent from my iPhone
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Remove from email
Could you please remove my email,, from the distribution list. Best regards, Robert Knights Sent from my iPhone
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Tax Software Released with NEW California and Colorado E-Filing!
It's ready!! bivio offers e-filing for your club's 2023 federal tax return and now also for California and Colorado state returns. E-filing is quick, easy, secure, and already included with your bivio subscription. The bivio 2023 tax software gives you the option to e-file your ...
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sold stock showing up in active stocks
Anyone have this problem?
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Schwab 1099
We have received both of the 1099 from TDA and Schwab. Schwab has not separated the quarterly dividends like bivio and tda. If the company has changed the Qualified dividend to non qualified, how do we find out this information if the Schwab 1099 doesn't ...
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