Annual request for Bivio to add features
This is my annual request for Bivio to add features: - Monthly report showing the dollar amount and percentage change of each stock (the single-most requested feature from our club's members for the last ten years) - More detailed reporting with more options - Rather ...
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Scared of market - how to respond
I have a friend who is freaking out about her losses in her investment accounts. She "saved" $15,000 into her accounts this year but the value has gone down by more than $40,000. She's lamenting about her "lost" money and all the things she could ...
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Tax rules around partner withdrawal
Starting this as a separate thread and directing to Ira with an ask to help educate me on this. The topic of "give them unappreciated shares" vs "sell when we don't want to have a gain" comes up often here. I do not understand how ...
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Paying a withdrawing partner
I am faced with paying a partner for a full withdrawal and wonder how others interpret our partnership agreement. We haven't faced a full withdrawal that is done in cash before so it's new territory for us. The agreement we use states: ..when payment is ...
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foreign companies
Do any clubs own AEM? Our club did not intend to own any foreign A stocks but has this as a result of a buyout. What issues will I be looking at end of year as a treasurer? Thanks, Mary D. Sent from Mail for ...
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AccountSync Schwab
Any update on AccountSync for Schwab?
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Hello Club Cafe! I'd like to introduce myself -- my name is Justin Schell and I'm a software engineer with over 15 years of experience working on complex applications, such as the one at . In fact, several of those years have been spent ...
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Bank of the Ozark Settlement
Fellow Treasurers, I recently received a letter concerning the settlement and allocation some fees concerning Bank of the Ozark (OZK). Here is a new article from Arkansas on the settlement. Our club owned OZK for just over a year (from spring of 2017 to ...
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bivio Support
Is there another email that I can use to reach bivio support? I used to contact Laurie through but I haven't received any communication back from that email since last Friday. Thanks for any help!
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Save $100+ on your Bivio subscription
Hi Everyone, We have doubled the amount we pay you for club referrals. Now you can earn a $100 credit on your next Bivio subscription for each club you refer to Bivio. Please visit our Bivio Bucks page to learn more about how you can ...
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Expense Recording in Bivio
I had always thought expenses are recorded by reducing the number of units in each member's account. However, when taking a closer at our records, this does not appear to be the case. Whenever we've entered an expense, it appears that the overall unit value ...
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2021 Massachusetts partnership return
Does anyone out there know how to e-file the Massachusetts partnership return for 2021? I have been trying to get an answer from the state for months and then quickly running out of time
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Disbanding Payout or Stock
We are going to disband soon. Can some members take stock only and some take their cash value? Or does everyone have to do the same thing when we close the club? If you know for sure please let me know!
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Can someone direct me to any articles or info on the benefits and negatives of transferring stock vs. selling the entire club portfolio and distributing the proceeds. I've gone back through the posts and didn't find one that actually explained that. I appreciate your help! ...
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Multi-Factor Authentication (also called Two-Factor Authentication)
Hi Rob, thanks for your prompt response on Multi-factor Authentication! The concern that I have is if anyone has my Bivio login ID and password, they can access all data that I have access to. Once in, its relatively easy to locate a user's personal ...
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