FYI ... this applies to us as well
What a pain! On 8/3/2020 1:32 PM, Laurie Frederiksen wrote: In this second half of the year three brokers commonly used by clubs are being Acquired. TDAmeritrade is being acquired by Schwab Folio Investing is being acquired by Goldman Sachs E*Trade is being acquired by ...
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H1B Visa Holders and L1 Visa Holders
Wanted to know if Green Card Holders, EAD Holders, H1B Visa Holders, and L1 Visa are allowed to be part of an Investment Club, and are there any special regulations while filing taxes? Many in these categories have expressed interest to join the club
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beneficiary designation
If beneficiary designation says the benificary is a trust in the partners name do we need to know if the trust actualy exists. and if it does not should the check go to the estate?
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Valuation statement stock price- why are prices delayed to previous day's closing after market close
Why doesn't the valuation statement use the latest closing prices after trading is closed for the day? For example, it's Monday and the market closed at 4:00PM, more then an hour ago. Yet the valuation statement uses Friday's closing prices. That just seems delayed too ...
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When to Sell and When to Buy More
Hello! We are a relatively new club made up of novice investors. So far, we have taken turns presenting prospective stocks and have then voted as a group on whether to buy shares. Manifest Investing, Better Investing and ValueLine are all resources that we have ...
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Dividend Linking to Securities
Hi, Does anyone know, how to link the Dividend Receied from the broker for a particular Securities to be linked to Securities in Bivio club account. We genarate reports and monitor the dividend receivied from the broker asign them to Security and generate reports to ...
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any way to delete old Bivio club emails?
We have over 15 years of emails on Bivio - is there any way to delete or store old ones so we don't have such a backlog? I realize that some messages may need to be saved indefinitely (votes, etc.) but our messages typically deal ...
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Making Payments to Active Members, not Withdrawals?
My club has been active for several years and we have always treated the portfolio as a long term investment/savings/retirement tool. We have contributed dues consistently and we have only made withdrawals when members have left the club. So far this method has worked well ...
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New Club ------having issue finding a bank
Hello, we want to have a bank account to pay operating expenses and have funds directly deposited where we will then have them electronically transferred to our brokerage account for trading. Issue we are having as a General Partnership is finding a bank that will ...
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BI Membership Dues
I know this have been asked several times in the past but I have to ask since I can't find the correct steps. I just became Treasurer for the first time in about 10 years. We had two partners pay their 2020 BI Membership Dues ...
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Attorney recommendations
Thank you all so much for the guidance and wisdom on my earlier question what a GREAT group !! If I may, can I please ask a follow-up question? We would like to have a lawyer help us draft our club's initial paperwork (just out ...
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Are we allowed to compensate the club's officers?
Hello, we are starting a new Investment Club and wanted to know if it was "acceptable" for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to be compensated a little bit for their extra efforts (perhaps something like a stipend)? Is that allowable or something that ...
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Reconciling a K1 from another source into the Bivio K1
Hello, Historically our investment club has only invested in assets that are housed in accounts than can be linked to Bivio. We are considering a SEC registered investment where our club would be provided with a K1 which relates to that particular security (and can ...
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Collectables (28% rate) tax
Bivio, We own the Permanent Portfolio (PRPFX) and received a capital gain distribution that was classified as a "collectable" (28% tax rate) on the 1099. When reconciling my Bivio records from the 1099 from TD Ameritrade I was able to reconcile every amount except for ...
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ACH Transactions Going Forward Recommended
I just completed an analysis of partner bank debit date and E*Trade deposit date. Given that I think the findings significant, I thought I would share. This analysis was in response to a partner's request that I contact E*Trade to determine why the lag in ...
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