Adding a new member
We have a new partner in our club. He was given a guest invite a few weeks ago and he has now joined the club. I can not use Add a member to get him in. I get a warning saying " This person already ...
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Verify Fed Taxes has been received
Does anyone know of a way to verify that the Fed taxes I mailed USPS (certified, return receipt) on 2/27/18 has been received by the IRS? Here's the tracking info: The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An ...
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bivio time out
Would it be possible for Bivio to provide an automatic logout after a period of time when no activity is taking place. Maybe after five minutes of inactivity, Bivio would logout automatically as a protective security measure.
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ATTN: Clubs Filing NY State Tax Returns
NY state made a late change to the address club tax returns need to be sent to.A Before we became aware of this,A we had printed on the cover page that you should mail your NY state forms to an address in Binghamton, NY.A This ...
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First Solar
We are holding some shares of First Solar. I read recently that they are being acquired by Capital Dynamics which is a private holding company from Switzerland. In our research we have not seen any details on what our shares are worth in the acquisition. ...
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Qualcomm - the gift that keeps on giving... NOT!
TDA just issued a corrected 1099-DIV for Qualcomm dividends. The December 2017 dividend has been reclassified as a Qualifying Dividend (it was originally reported as a return of capital). For those who care, you can complain to your Congressional representatives as the reclassification is due ...
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Member withdrawal problem in completing taxes
Apparently I entered the information wrong. Now having trouble completing taxes. Transferred funds from broker account to bank, where had been instructed to write check since were using funds from both. But entered full withdrawal info the following day, when showed that funds had been ...
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TD Ameritrade
Our club has started the sync with TDA with no real problem. But now we are getting dividends posted but they are not showing who they are from. The drop down options to manually enter the info don't list dividends as a source nor do ...
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New Partnership Audit Rules Impact...
I'm feeling singled out by this article I'm a member of a small investment club with 12 members (for which I'm the designated tax matters partner), my husband and I have a family revocable living trust--sounding as though IF my husband and I were audited ...
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How To Mail Federal Tax Returns
Ira, I saw your post a few days ago about the preferred way to mail your Federal Taxes to insure they are not lost in the mail. I have looked at the 1065 Instructions and see the address but not the recommended way to send ...
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Oregon State Taxes
ira smilovitz on 02/22/2016 You are required to file Form 65 if you have a member who is an OR-resident. You are subject to the minimum tax only if you are "doing business in the state". Generally speaking, investment clubs are not "doing business" in ...
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NY State Tax Program Released
The NY State tax program has now been approved and released. If your club or any of your members reside in NY.A You need to file NY state partnership tax forms as well as Federal taxes. Laurie Frederiksen Invest with your friends! Become our ...
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Tax Program Status
Hi all, The bivio tax programs for preparing Federal, CO, PA, CA and NJ tax forms are now available for you to use if you go to Accounting>Taxes. There are six steps to doing your taxes.A They all need to be completed to produce correct ...
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K-1 address to use for deceased member
What would be the appropriate address to use on the K-1 of our deceased member for the IRS: her last known address or the executor of her will?
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Member made partial withdrawal in 2017
One of our members made a partial withdrawal in 2017. I have the withdrawal report from Bivio and have attached the report to this message. How do I figure out how much capital gain she had? Is it the profit number at the bottom of ...
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