New ways to research for new investments
We use BetterInvesting, Stock Central/Roster of Quality, Bivio, and various others. We are looking for some new direction and ideas for research for new investments.
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Problems Transferring Account from TD Ameritrade to Schwab
We have been an investment club for 25 years. We are getting the run-around from Schwab. We should have been "grandfathered" and shouldn't have any issues. We have been trying to add assistant treasurer to Schwab account. This has proven to be a real problem. ...
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Schwab/TD Ameritrade merger
Our club uses TD Ameritrade and it will move to Schwab in a couple weeks. All members currently use autopay from BMO bank for our monthly club contributions to TD Ameritrade. Does anyone know whether these autopay contributions will continue once our TD Ameritrade account ...
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additional info on streaming services and profitability Found this short article though it may be hard to read with all the ads!! (Could not find a print version) - apparently streaming services were propped up by investors and/or big production companies for many years and that is coming to an end. ...
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Trouble with the IRS
On Monday I received a letter from the IRS stated we owed $2200.00 for a late arrival of our return. Long story short: It was mailed on March 9,2023. I sent it with a return request. They got it on the 23rd of March. I ...
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Closing our club.
Should we sell the stocks or tranfer member shares into their own accounts?Is there a certain way to transfer stocks that we purchased a number of times?Are the stocks transfer into their account treated as new stock and need to be held for 1 year ...
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Transition from TDA to Schwab
My club has been with Schwab for over 20 years. There are four items that you may want to keep in mind while dealing with the transition: 1. Schwab allows check writing on the brokerage account. There is no need for a separate bank account. ...
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E-filing in NJ
Has anyone tried it yet? I'm pretty browser savvy and I can't get past the Java issues that exist on the NJ treasury website. I've tried using Edge and Chrome, to no avail, even following the directions included in the Bivio filing instructions as well ...
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Uncashed Check
Our partnership wrote a check to a withdrawing partner that remains un-cashed after 90 days. The cost of a stop payment is greater than the amount of the check and the partner it was written to is willing to forgo replacing it. How should this ...
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Does the treasurer need to have their address on the brokers account? Do the checks go to the address of member listed on the brokers account if that person isn't the treasurer? Is there any reason that checks shouldn't be sent to the treasurer if ...
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Bivio should have generated a NJ Tax Form
Shouldn't Bivio have created a NJ Tax form (physical) to be filed with the state of NJ, not just the NJ-K-1 for my personal return for my NationwideIC, even though the club is not registered in NJ? According to your chart, A state return ...
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I slipped while walking and i fell. Next thing I knew, I had broken my right femur, it required surgery.
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K-1, Box 19
What dollar amount should be reported on my tax return for this item? There are 2 dollar amounts on the statement, $64,384.82 club basis and $377,096.64 market value, but only space for one amount in Turbo Tax. I would appreciate any help you can give ...
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(No Subject)
PLEASE!!!A I need to be set free of club cafA(C) also. Ita€(TM)s beginning to drive me crazy. Help.A I have tried. Tamarack Inv. ClubA From: < > on behalf of Diane Griffiths via < user* > Sent: Thursday, March 9, 2023 7:25 ...
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We need a new brokerage house
Our club has been with TD since 1994 as a partnership with EIN number. The club started with zero balance. We have had three difference treasurers. We write checks every year. Minh T. Le On Mar 19, 2023, at 3:07 PM, William Peterson via ...
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