It's TIme
Laurie: Congratulations!! and best of everything to you in retirement. You have been invaluable to our club. As its treasurer, you were always there to answer questions for me, walk me through the unknown and fix problems. I have witnessed your patience, understanding, and helpfulness ...
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Network Restored
The network has been restored. is fully operational. No data was lost. You can read our colocation provider'sA page to learn more about the network problem: While the network situation was out of our control, we could have done better. Here is a ...
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It's Time
Hi Laurie, You certainly will be missed by everyone bivio. You have been a great help with both the clubs I belong to. So professional and knowledgeable and always willing to share your expertise and very gracious and kindly. Enjoy you retirement to the utmost ...
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Network issues
An upstream network provider has been having issues so the connectivity was unreliable yesterday and early this morning. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. I was thrilled to see so many thank-you/congratulation/you-are-our-savior emails get through to Laurie despite the outages. She deserves ...
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It's TIme
Say it isn't so! You have been a tremendous help to me and I'm sure many others. Enjoy your retirement. On March 31, 2022, at 2:20 PM, Laurie Frederiksen <> wrote: A little over 14 years ago, I started working for bivio.A Today I am ...
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It's TIme
Laurie, we will miss you. You have been so helpful ☺ I hope your retirement is everything you want it to be . I have so appreciated your professionalism especially these past months . Susie Reather Quest for Gains Club. Sent from my Galaxy Original ...
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K1 with box 16 checked but do not have Foreign Income - TurboTax
The K1 has RIC income from a REIT and RIC is one of the pull down choices instead of a country source for the income when entering K3 information. TurboTax issues a Smart Check error that there are no foreign transations. Any suggestions on how ...
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Is Return Receipt Required/Recommended?
I am mailing my Federal and GA State tax returns tomorrow. I have requested an extension. Do I need to send certified mail, receipt requested? Larry Reno Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement--Mark Twain Stay positive Test negative!!
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Turbo Tax and K-3's
Hi All, We are not Turbo Tax experts,A but we have been getting a lot of questions on how to enter the K-3 information into Turbo Tax.A Up until yesterday,A they did not have that functionality working. Happy to report that it is working now ...
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As treasurer of our club, I would like to have a simple understandable way to explain to our members why opting out of CPAR is beneficial to the club and members. I guess I don't totally understand it myself. I did opt out this year ...
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Out of state partners
Hi. Our club treasurer just printed our club's tax return for the second time. As with everyone, there were a lot more pages to print this year as well as having to redo it after Air Lease changed its classification of dividends. Costs (printing and ...
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Schedule K-3 and Personal Returns
A big thank you to Bivio in getting the 2021 tax forms ready! We've been able to successfully generate our club tax return! Now a new question. I'm preparing my personal tax return with Turbo Tax and when I enter my K-1 info I specify ...
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removing Email from list
How do I remove my Email off of this list. Thank You, Katherine Keys
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1065 is too big for staples or clips
Do returns have to be bound together? Ours is too big for staples or clips. Thanks in advance for any replies, searching the IRS website didn't help me. scott
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OGN SpinOff Not Rptd
Merck did a spinoff of OGN w cash in lieu of fractional shares. BIVIO entry is rptg it as LTCG SCHWAB is listing on 1099 but not rptg to IRS. Very few shares so little impact to #s but creates a mismatch between Bivio n ...
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