We need a new brokerage house
Our club has been with TD since 1994 as a partnership with EIN number. The club started with zero balance. We have had three difference treasurers. We write checks every year. Minh T. Le On Mar 19, 2023, at 3:07 PM, William Peterson via ...
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We need a new brokerage house
I can't believe this problem is unique to our club. We do not have a local bank account and need to write checks from our brokerage account. Unfortunately, at our current broker, we cannot have a check written to anyone other than the name of ...
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Member withdrawal and conversion to gift to club
Dear Laurie, I'm the treasurer of the Dwyer Inverment Club. I have a problem with the following issue: A member is resigning from the club because he is physivcally and mentally incapacitated. He has a power of attorney with a friend of his. He and ...
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Stock Presentations
I would like to know what the 5 top financial metrics your club uses when evaluating stocks. Are club has grown to 10 members in the last year, and we are looking to evaluate and compare stocks in a more consistent manner.
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Air Lease Dividends re-classified from 'Ordinary Dividends' to 'Non-dividend Distribution.'
Does anyone know if there is a dollar amount limit that would eliminate a need to refile.?
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Federal E-Filing Released
We are happy to announce that IRS e-filing is now available. Treasurers can go to Account > Taxes and follow the instructions there.A PleaseA be patient. Your e-filed returns will remain in the "Pending" state for a while. You will receiveA an email when it ...
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storing a copy of our club taxes
I am looking for other innovative ways to store copies of our tax documents besides printing and storing with my personal papers. I am aware that we want to keep all SS# safe. I would like a few of my other club members to have ...
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If we have to file an extension for filing with IRS due to delay of E/filing
What form do we use and when does that have to be in? I assume it should be sent in certified and signed receipt. Also if we aren't able to send paperwork E/filing, I have trouble with paying $549 for this year's Bivio Fee which ...
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Bivio official identification
May I suggest that official Bivio associates identify themselves by putting [BIVIO] after their email name in this email list. This would help us zero in on information. Thanks
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Unrealized gains and losses
I am working on our tax return and question the following: 1) The balance sheet number on Other Investments does not agree with Schedule L. Schedule L does agree with BiVio balance sheet. The difference is $33.84. 2) Other assets amount does not agree with ...
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Final Withdrawal report or Capital Gain/Loss report
We had a member who did a full withdrawal last year. He did a partial withdrawal earlier in the year and then a full withdrawal later in the year. On the withdrawal report it says "Note - any gain/loss realized on withdrawal must be reported ...
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Mailing tax form
Hi, A couple of questions: 1. For CA filing, at the beginning of the form it says there needs to be an e-filing waiver. Has this been done by Bivio, or do I do that? Do I need to include this page in the mailing? ...
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Final K-1 Box not checked
I started to notify our members they can now access their K-1s, but I noticed the "Final K-1" box at the top of our 1065 is not checked. Is this a problem? Lori Johnson
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Federal E-Filing Status Update
We apologize for the delay in releasing federal e-filing. We have been in communication with the IRS. We expect to be able to allow e-filing within a week. However, we cannot guarantee any dates asA we are waiting on the IRS to take certain actions. ...
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2022 Tax Forms Are Released!
Hi everyone, You can now prepare your 2022 state and federal taxes on bivio. The IRS has had our submissions for final approval to provide e-filing services for many weeks. You can mail your state tax returns and give your members their K-1s. You may ...
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