Disbanding Payout or Stock
We are going to disband soon. Can some members take stock only and some take their cash value? Or does everyone have to do the same thing when we close the club? If you know for sure please let me know!
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Can someone direct me to any articles or info on the benefits and negatives of transferring stock vs. selling the entire club portfolio and distributing the proceeds. I've gone back through the posts and didn't find one that actually explained that. I appreciate your help! ...
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Multi-Factor Authentication (also called Two-Factor Authentication)
Hi Rob, thanks for your prompt response on Multi-factor Authentication! The concern that I have is if anyone has my Bivio login ID and password, they can access all data that I have access to. Once in, its relatively easy to locate a user's personal ...
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Please remove me from the club_cafe emails. Thank you Sent from my iPad
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Non-Profit Bivio
Hi All, Bivio is a small, owner-operated company. Paul and I would like to move to a model where the community would be more involved in running Bivio. We are big advocates of open source software for this reason. Much of the software behindA ...
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Possible Sync Issues with Merrill Lynch
Hello, Over the last month or so, there has been a discrepancy between the amount of cash on hand in our account with Merrill Lynch according to our Bivio reports when compared to the reports from Merrill Lynch. I've written notes to Bivio Support but ...
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Schwab AccountSync status
Hi All, Schwab is a very large company, and Bivio is a very tiny company. We cannot pay them to make our application go faster. (I already asked.) We have implemented everything on our end. We have filled out various forms they required. We have ...
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New Member Question - Examples of Stock Study Presentations
Does anyone have examples/best practices for stock study presentations? We are a newly formed club and want to share with our members examples of what they should plan on presenting to the group when they have a stock suggestion. Thank you.
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Meeting venue
For those clubs having remote meetings - what program do you use to do that? Pros/cons? Any thoughts? We've been using Go to Meeting and it seems to be problematic. Kim Potter BI Brighton Model Club
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Info not up to date
Is there a problem with the software? It shows 6/21/22 for the stock prices. Please advise as i need current reports for tonights meeting. Thanks, Glenn
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investing advice to lower income seniors
Hello Bivio cafe. I am (was) Sr Partner in an investing club which recently disbanded. Now we have formed an investing class for seniors. I am looking for content to put together a training session for advising seniors, some with lower incomes, whether to invest ...
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Touching Base!
Hello, hope you're doing fine? Just checking if you can assist on a favor. Just let me know if we can communicate via emailing. I left my phone at home! But do have computer to email you here. Baskar
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AccountSync - E*Trade
Hey E*Trade clubs--good news! E*Trade is again allowing AccountSync to update all of the accounts. Thank you very much to those of you who contacted E*Trade's technical support team. We're continuing to work as fast as we can to update our AccountSync interface with Charles ...
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Erroneous contribution from a partner
Last month we had a partner take a Schwab IRA Distribution and he meant to have it deposited to his checking account, but due to a clerical error on his part, the small $700 distribution went to our Partnership Investment Club account with Schwab. The ...
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AccountSync - Edward Jones
Becky can I have your phone number to give to Edward Jones IT DEPT? We really need to have our system repaired to accept account sync. My number is 530-340-2448. My first correspondence with Bivio and Edward Jones was May 4. It has been over ...
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