Dividend date on 1/5, but ex-dividend on 12/30
We have an ETF (IDRV) that issued a dividend on 1/5/2022. The ex-dividend date is 12/30/2021. Our 1099DIV shows the dividend, but Bivio does not in the tax portion. It is in properly (as far as I can tell) in the transaction log. What is ...
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Club taxes
Dear Bivio, I just finished our club taxes. I love you!!! Thank you! Charla Hurt
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Why doesn's Bivio Have the K1s available? IClub has had their K1s done for 2 weeks
I belong to two investment clubs. One club uses Bivio, the other club uses Iclub. Iclub provided K1's two weeks ago. Bivio members deserve timely delivery of K1s. Bivio club members do not deserve a memo dated 2/16 telling us K1s are not available. There ...
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Why doesn's Bivio Have the K1s available? IClub has had their K1s done for 2 weeks
Very well said, Ty Jeanne Wu Market Mavens On Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 3:58 PM Ty Hughes via <user* > wrote: All: The IRS change in the 1065 filing requirements has created some delay and frustration. But you should direct your fire ...
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What is going on???????
I tried to get into Bivio and check our Valuation. The screen goes to the Tax screen but nothing is there. What is going on??????????
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A couple of questions: Does bivio support e-filing yet? If I want to have a backup copy of our bivio data, how do I make a copy for export? Barbara
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Tax Status
Hi Everybody, We are working very hard on the tax software. We appreciate your phone calls, emails, and posts to the Club Cafe. Unfortunately, the IRS rules are complex and therefore complicated toA program correctly. We have found "the last bug", and the software will ...
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Electronic Filing
I went in circles trying to file the 7004 electronically. It is printed and I will mail to tomorrow, but perhaps there are others who couldn't figure out how to file electronically?
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Why doesn's Bivio Have the K1s available? IClub has had their K1s done for 2 weeks
Read Ira's response in these emails, where he explains that IClub produced their various K forms before the latest update by the IRS. > On 02/28/2022 10:54 PM Barb Cisler via <user*> wrote: > > > My husband also belongs to an Investment Club ...
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K-2/K-3 issues redux
To give you an idea of how broad the impact of these changes are - Dated today the AICPA [American Institute of Certified Public Accountants] sent a letter with their concerns regarding Schedules K-2 and K-3 reporting. The letter was signed by all state CPA ...
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Where to File the extension
Do we send the Form 7004 for our club at the same address we send the club's tax return.
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More Extensions
Summary: 1. 7004 extension 2. NJ state extension ( Form PART-200-T ) 3.Personal tax extensions: for state and IRS 4 possible possible extensions: please correct. G. Freeman. treasurer NJ Model Inv Club
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Extensions and amendments
I think the language about extending and amending your return on Bivio is a bit confusing. If you filed for an extension and have not yet filed the return it is easy to change/amend the return because you have not sent it in yet. Once ...
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Taxes/form 7004 of course
Ok, I was really hoping I would get through all this without having to ask any questions, but now I am afraid I messed up my 7004 form. I put in club name, address, id #, etc. On line 5a I put 21 for calendar ...
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In looking back I see that some clubs have filed a CPAR?? Please tell us what that is and whether our small club of 10 members missed something?A Thank you.A On Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 11:38 AM ira smilovitz via <user* > ...
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