Late payments
How does your club handle late member payments? Kim Potter BI Brighton
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Synching Tax Lots from TDAmeritrads
Dear fellow investors, We are new to Bivio. How do we set Bivio to synch up with the Tax Lot selection made from TDAmeritrade. To avoid the wash sale rule or to reduce our tax consequences, we do pick specific lot we prefer. Bivio doesn't ...
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Qualified Dividend
Our club purchased ADP on 3/5/2021 and received a qualified dividend on 4/1/21. This doesn't meet the holding period for a dividend to be classified as qualified. Can someone enlighten me on why this might be right or wrong? Thanks - scott
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We have moved from Folio to Fidelity. One of our members is having trouble setting up payments to our club account. She can't use Bill Pay from her credit union because they charge unless the member uses it 3 times a month. Anyone else have ...
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Stock report
Is anyone using a 1 page worksheet/form to give stock reports? Looking for something easy, condensed , so all members are giving same info. Thanks.
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Wisconsin Clubs
Question - Wisconsin requires clubs to submit their tax returns (Form 3 and Schedule 3K-1) electronically. The only way I have found to submit these is using 3rd party vendors - nothing we can do ourselves. WI does not even allow us to deduct the ...
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Simple / Silly Question
I have the taxes done. All set. However I have a withdrawn member. I am both the Treasurer and the Administrator. I seem to be able to see just my K-1. Is there a way to see the others K-1s or do I just copy ...
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Worth it to file in delaware
An investment club with residents of new york and california are looking to file an llc. are there any real reasons to file in delaware?
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Withdrawing member
could this methodA be applied to a member simply withdrawing part of their investment? Virus-free.
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Bivio tax question
I have been a long time member of Poors Pupils for many years. In the last couple of years we have had members pass away who have also been members for many years with assets of well over $100,000.00. We have been a successful club ...
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Death of member and transfering of stocks
Our club mandates that every member must have an account with our broker , so that in the event of a death , we would be able to do a withdrawl by directly transfering stocks to their broker account. At this point as treasurer, I ...
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Partner moved to Canada
One of our club's partners moved to Canada in August of 2020. She has left the club and we paid her out in full in October. Is she considered a foreign partner when I prepare our club taxes?
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Best way to mail tax return to IRS or State
Do you have to go to the post office for certified or registered mail? Or is there a way to do it online? our post office is very small and very busy. Almost always a long line. I can pay for and print the label ...
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Foliofn - InteractiveBrokers Acoount transfer
Having issues gaining access to our InteractiveBrokers account into which our Foliofn stocks were transferred. I can only access the Application Status page on InteractiveBrokers webpage. Have called InteractiveBrokers call Center and they keep telling me the account should be approved in 2-3 days and ...
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Possible Foreign Tax Implications
My club is formed in Colorado and has only domestic members. I have a US citizen who currently resides in the Netherlands for work (may be permanent) and is very interested in joining the club. Would I have to worry about any foreign tax implications?
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