How can we send a message to the Congress members who matter
So what specific legislation led to this morass? I speed-read the AICPA letter, but don't see that it cites the specific legislation, much less the nitwits who proposed and passed it. Those are the people I want to write to. Does it make sense to ...
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Tax K1 has 10 pages for each member!
Giving 300 pages for federal return of which I need 4 copies. With state returns I must print and mail 1450 pages, re-do my addressed envelopes because not big enough. Seems unnecessary for $7 of foreign tax credit per member. Never had more than 1 ...
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Newer club. Last year 1st year matched with no problem. This year TDAmeritrade 1099 doesn't show 4 purchases and shows a DIV amount that isn't coming up in Bivio. Bivio is also recording a higher value than TDA overall. Any suggestions on correcting this? Where ...
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Does anybody have an answer for one of our partners who is trying to do her taxes? Forwarded message From: Valarie <> Date: Sat, Mar 5, 2022 at 10:27 AM Subject: Fw: K-1/K-3 To: John <> Hello again! I seemed to have fixed the box ...
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Printing K-1
Natalie, I discovered that when I clicked on the K1 it was downloaded to my Download Folder. I clicked multiple times before I discovered that was happening in the background.
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How To Edit for Qualified/Non-Qualified Dividend
Doing 1099 Review as I start taxes and I have two holdings where my broker statement shows dividends originally recorded as qualified now have a portion that is ordinary/non-qualified. How do I edit the record? When I go in to edit, I do not see ...
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Schedules K-2 and K-3
I just saw the following posted on the Better Investing Treasurer's discussion list. Is this true? The IRS published new draft instructions for schedule K-2 dated 1/31/2022 on their draft forms web page. The new instructions will require ALL clubs to include a schedule K-2 ...
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Is there a phone number to contact bivio?
First year with you bivio.. Can bivio be contacted by phone at all? I thought phone contact was includedA in my subscription but obviously not since I can't find any phone # for bivio? Anyone? Regards , Serge Louis SMHIC's P resident A Email : ...
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Finished Our Partnership Returns Today!
We were able to finish both our federal and New Jersey tax returns today! We filed our NJ return electronically. NJ uses a Java based web application. The "IE Tab" extension for the Microsoft Edge browser is required to get it to work. After you ...
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Club Taxes Are Done!
Thank you to Laurie, Ira, everyone in BIVIO Customer Support, including all those wonderful software people who maintain and update BIVIO software!! Despite the tons of question repeats, and frantic folks/Treasurers, you did a remarkable job of getting the job done, and never lost your ...
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k-3 download for partners
The Bivio tax site shows K-1s available to partners, there is NO link for K-3s is this a problem?
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Foreign source income
We own Netease via an ADR. Our 1099 shows dividends as being paid in Cayman Islands, but bivio shows them as coming from China. Which one do I use and how do I get bivio to show Cayman Islands if I need to do that. ...
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Tax Program is Available
The tax program is now available if you go to Accounting>Taxes. There is a lot to it this year.A It is highly recommended that you review our tax presentation to make sure you use it properly: Preparing Your 2021 Club Taxes Thank you for the ...
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Why doesn's Bivio Have the K1s available? IClub has had their K1s done for 2 weeks
It appear today for our club On Wed, Mar 2, 2022 at 8:52 AM . via <user* > wrote: Original Message From: Anat Spector via <user* > To: Sent: Wed, Mar 2, 2022 11:09 am Subject: Re: [club_cafe] Why doesn's ...
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Filing Instructions - Is it necessary to file copies of k1, k2, k3
Instructions are here : and include: Send in all the forms included in the "Complete Club Tax Packet". This includes the full 1065 form, all K-1, K-2 and K-3 forms, and any other schedules or supplemental itemized details included in the packet. You do ...
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